Snowy River Avenue upgrade

A Facelift for Snowy River Avenue

The desire to improve the streetscape of Snowy River Avenue was an outcome of the Jindabyne Action Plan 2030. The Action Plan was developed in conjunction with the local community, having over 400 residents contribute to discussions and over 28,000 comments received. The Action Plan has prompted the revitalisation of Snowy River Avenue into a Main Street.

A Concept Design for the Main Street vision has been prepared and we invite you to take a look and read about different aspects and benefits of the design detailed on this page.

You can view the full set of designs at Council's Jindabyne branch office.

Artists Impression

Jindabyne’s shopping and business areas are central to our region’s ongoing economic viability. The public spaces that surround them are likewise critical to our community, providing residents and visitors places for formal and informal interaction. The Concept Design creates a safe, functional and attractive place that supports movements within and around town for cars and people.

The benefits of the Concept Plan are:

  • Improved pedestrian linkages and crossing points
  • Upgrade of stormwater and road surface
  • Enhanced outdoor dining and trading opportunities
  • Improved disabled parking arrangements and access for all abilities
  • Safer and increased public footpath area
This project is one of Snowy River Shire Council’s key projects and is a major financial investment in the town centre.

Works to Kalkite Street carpark and roadway

During development of the Snowy River Avenue designs, it became apparent from community consultation that concerns existed about the removal of some on-street parking. To ensure that current levels of parking are retained within the Jindabyne downtown area a solution was required.  To achieve this outcome, Council has investigated design options in the Kalkite Street carpark and Kalkite Street proper which supply additional spaces to offset losses in Snowy River Avenue. There is a single configuration proposed to allow this outcome within the Kalkite Street carpark - click this link to view the changes proposed to the carpark.  There are several options for the configuration of Kalkite Street proper to provide greater utilisation of this space and these are described below.

Option 1
Open Kalkite Street to general traffic in northbound and southbound directions, complete with installation of necessary road safety measures, combined with a formal school crossing. This option provides five additional car parking spaces and creates an off-street bus parking bay.

Kalkite Street - OPT1 - general traffic

Option 2
Open Kalkite Street to one-way general traffic northbound from Park Road.  Provide a dedicated bus lane and formalised off-street bus parking to the western side of Kalkite Street. This solution allows for five additional parallel car parking spaces to the eastern side of Kalkite Street.  A potential disadvantage is that car passengers exit vehicles to the traffic side of the motor vehicle, and that northbound ski traffic may use the street as a short cut during some periods.

Kalkite Street - OPT2 - general traffic, one way only, northbound

Option 3
Open Kalkite Street to one-way general traffic in a southbound direction.  Provide a dedicated northbound bus lane, continuing the current access arrangement for buses.  Potential exists to provide a separating barrier between opposing traffic lanes, to direct an orderly and safe passage of school students via formal pedestrian crossing.  This option allows five additional parallel parking spaces and creates bus parking bays to the eastern and western sides of Kalkite Street respectively.  This design provides the advantage that vehicle passengers exit directly onto a pedestrian footpath.  Traffic direction also prevents general traffic using Kalkite Street as a northbound shortcut.

This option uses the same layout as the linked plans at Option 1 above, with the difference that only buses are permitted to travel in a northbound direction.

Option 4
Continue to disallow general traffic access to Kalkite Street. A formalised off-street bus parking area will be formed to the western edge of Kalkite Street.  No additional car parking spaces will be provided on Kalkite Street above the increase achieved in the main car park.

Snowy River Avenue loading zone

Public exhibition of the Snowy River Avenue Concept Design also revealed that loading facilities for businesses in the immediate area was considered a concern by the community. A modification to the Concept Design will allow loading on Snowy River Avenue within a parallel off-street loading bay positioned near the Jindabyne Swimming Pool.  View a concept sketch of this design solution at the link below.

Loading Zone