Pre-School Education

A Pre-School Education program is a new project that is being developed and introduced by Council's Waste Department. This initiative is a great way for the younger generations in our region to learn early on about sustainable living and how waste affects the environment prior to School.

The Program includes:

  • Reading Books - "Worms the Mechanics of Organics"
  • Sing and Learn Worm Songs
  • Talk about Worm Facts and ask questions
  • Colouring in and puzzle activities
  • Show what a worm farm looks like and get the kids to handle the worms.
If a Pre-School or Daycare is creating a sustainable garden and would like worm farms, compost bins, spare parts, or education on these products, please contact Council's Resource and Waste Education Officers on 1300 345 345 and we will be happy to assist any enquiry.
Gidgillys Early Education and Care Centre Worm Education Day - Tuesday 29 February 2016.
It was a fun morning at Gidgillys with the pre-schoolers and younger, learning about worm farming, reading the book “Worms the Mechanics of Organics” by Kellie Bollard, colouring in exercises, setting up 2 donated worm farms for their sustainable garden and talking worms.

The kids were very attentive and very keen to get their hands dirty. We had buckets, shovels and the kids were ready to play in the garden and see these little worms and how to look after them properly.
Written by
Edwina Lowe - Resource and Waste Education Officer

Snowy Mountains Care and Early Learning Centre Worm Education Day - Tuesday 14 April 2016.
I arrived at the centre and the weather was cold and wet, but this didn't stop the kids excitement for my visit.
The centre has already a working worm farm and compost bin and was ready to learn more about these products.
I followed the program with a few changes due to the weather and attention of the kids.
We took small groups up to play with the worms and feed them with their morning tea food scraps that was collected. The kids were so excited and loved the morning and learnt a new song.
Written by
Edwina Lowe - Resource and Waste Education Officer

Photos: Courtesy of Gidgillys Early Education and Care Centre.
- uploaded with permission.

Top Left: Pre-schooler inspecting the worm farm
Top Right: Resource and Waste Education Officer demonstrating construction of worm farm
Bottom Left: Resource and Waste Education Officer constructing worm farm
Bottom Right: Kids handling the worms.