Asbestos Awareness Month

1 in 3 Australian homes contains building materials with asbestos.

The risk to families is when building materials containing asbestos are disturbed or damaged and this can release dangerous dust and fibres that can be inhaled. 
People put themselves and their children at risk if they are not aware of the hazards of working with asbestos materials including fibro.

There are legal and safety requirements for the management of asbestos. Follow the regulations!

The cost of asbestos removal by a licensed professional is comparable in price to most licensed tradesmen including electricians, plumbers and tilers.

The cost of disposal at a lawful landfill site is usually included when using a licensed professional removalist.

Homeowners and renovators can visit for a brochure on asbestos management - Working With Asbestos Guide 2008

Importantly, if you find asbestos in your home; Don t cut it! Don t drill it! Don t drop it! Don t sand it! Don t saw it! Don t scrape it! Don t scrub it! Don t dismantle it! Don t tip it! Don t water blast it! Don t demolish it! And whatever you do... Don t dump it!”

Visit to learn where asbestos might be found in the home and how to manage it safely! 
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