Wood Smoke

Snowy Monaro Regional Council with the assistance of Environment Protection Authority undertake to educate residents of how to better manage and use solid fuel heaters in an effort to improve the air quality in our Shire. 
Wood smoke can have serious effects on health and the environment.

Often people will ask “What can I do about pollution” – following the suggestions on this page will help make your solid fuel heater more efficient and help the environment.

There are many resources available to assist with choosing the best heating for your home: 

Australian Home Heating Association Inc - Fact Sheet 

Australian Home Heating Association Inc - Greenhouse Issues 

Can I just put in a new fireplace or replace an old one?

No. An application is required to be made through Council before a solid fuel heater is installed into a premise.
This is so that Council can ensure compliance with manufacturers specifications and that the system is not detrimental to the building structure.
To apply you will need to: 

Complete an Application Form 
   - provide a Floor Plan of premise to show where the heater will be located. 
  - provide documentation which shows compliance with AS4013 – Emissions – (generally you will find this in the brochure which is provided by the retailer). 
Yellow Pages shows Chimney Sweeps for the local area of Cooma and/or Berridale

Mike Moon – Cooma – 0407 228 970 or
Mountain Air & Sheet Metal – Berridale – 0417 496 055