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Application for Account at Council Resource and Waste Facilities
Application for Approval to Use Footpath for Commercial/Non Commercial Purposes
Application for Bank of Bins (BOB) Waste and Recycling
Application for Building Information Certificate
Application for Certificates
Application for Commercial Waste and Recycling Services
Application for Development Advice (former CMSC area)
Application for Direct Credit Remittances
Application for Erection of a Memorial
Application for Event Waste and Recycling Services
Application for Initial Approval to Operate On-Site Sewage Management System
Application for Interment Right
Application for Occupancy Certificate
Application for Order of Interment
Application to Modify an Approval
Application for New Additional Domestic Waste Recycling Service
Application for Opt-in Domestic Food and Garden Organics Service - Cooma ONLY
Application for Permit to Remove or Prune Trees
Application for Renewal of Approval to Use Footpath for Commercial/Non Commercial Purposes
Application for a Rural Address
Application for Wheel Out Wheel In Service
Application to replace and or repair mobile waste recycling organics


Change in Category of Land
Change of Address
Complying Development Application
Construction Certificate

Declaration of Eligibility for Farmland Rating Categorisation
Development Application
Development Application Checklist - Non-Residential
Development Application Checklist - Residential
Development Application Checklist - Subdivision
Direct Debit Amendment
Direct Debit Request

Exemption from Charge of Wheel Out Wheel In Service

Fire Safety Measures - Existing & Proposed

GIPA - Formal Access Application
GIPA - Informal Access Application


Notice of Commencement & Appointment of Principal Certifying Authority
Notice of Intention to Organise an Event
Notification of Public Swimming Pool

Planning Proposal Application
Property Information Request Application

Request for a Weed Inspection and Report
Request for Variation DCP

Section 68 Application - Form A - Ancillary Activities
Section 68 Application - Form B - Plumbing and Drainage Only
Section 68 Application Form C Water Connection
Section 68 Application Form D Wastewater Connection
Service Apartment Application
Statement of Environmental Effects - Commercial
Statement of Environmental Effects - Residential
Statement of Environmental Effects - Subdivision
Subdivision Certificate or Strata Certificate Application




Waste Management Charge – Discount Eligibility Criteria Application
Water & Sewer Contributions Section 305 Application
Water & Sewer Remittance Advice Section 306 Contributions