Waste Strategies, Policies and Procedures

Resource and Waste Strategy 2016-2021

The preparation of a Resource and Waste Strategy, reflects a commitment to providing services to the community that move toward achieving sustainable waste management. It is also recognition that a cultural shift is needed, showing people that some of what the community currently sees as waste can be turned into a valuable resource.

The Resource and Waste Strategy 2016 steers Council and its community towards reducing the amount of waste going to landfill and increasing the recovery and recycling of valuable resources.

Over the past few years, the former Council's has undertaken a number of actions in regards to waste management services. 

Within the Cooma Township, most recently there was the shift to the 3 bin system, which was rolled out in January 2015.

The Resource and Waste Strategy 2016 builds upon Council’s work in waste management over several years and sets directions for the future. To work towards the aim of reducing waste to landfill and increasing recovery of material resources, a better understanding of the composition and lost value in residential kerbside and public place bins, and of waste behaviour across the community, needs to be gained. This will then inform targeted communications to increase awareness and action for good waste behaviour across the community.

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Full Cooma-Monaro Resource and Waste Strategy 2016-2021 - January16 V2