Burials on Private Land

Council maintains a register of known private burial grounds. As Council's objective is to protect public health, no area can be used for private burials unless a Development Consent from Council has been obtained.

In order to establish a grave on a private property, consent must be applied for from Council. The application will be assessed in line with the requirements of the NSW Health "Burials on Private Land - Approval by Local Authority' guidelines must be addressed. 

  • Council is to receive application in writing and the current application fee is to be paid
  • The land holding must be in excess of 5 hectares 
  • The specified area must not be located where it could contaminate domestic water supply or drinking water supply.
  • The area is to be fenced or otherwise separated from general property and restrictions put in place so that livestock etc. cannot cause damage to the site.
  • Council's Environmental Health Surveyor must carried out an inspection of the designated area.
  • A Right-of-Way or other legal access  for if/when the property is sold.
  • Once a burial takes place Council must be informed of the Name, Age, Date of Death etc. of the person to be buried so that the local register of burials may be maintained..
  • A copy of the death certificate is to be provided.
  • A map showing the exact location of the burial site.