Council Assistance with Grants

Snowy Monaro Regional Council can support a range of community organisations, associations, and sporting groups to source and apply for funding opportunities which enhance the community. For information and assistance on grant funding, please contact Council’s Community Development Officer on 6455 1934.

For information on funding, grants and running a not-for-profit organisation, please see the resources below:

Community Development in NSW
GrantGuru Community
Community grants: a quick guide to key Internet links (Australian Government)
Grants and Support - NSW Government
Business Grants and Assistance Programs - Commonwealth Government
GrantConnect - Commonwealth Government grant guide for all agencies
Using census information and statistical data can significantly assist with grant funding applications. Information can be found on the Australian Bureau of Statistics website. Some preliminary data based on the 2016 Census has now been released. Please see the link below for QuickStats relating to the Snowy Monaro Regional Council Local Government Area. Information on specific areas such as suburbs, postal codes and Indigenous areas can be found by using the Advanced Search option. 

Further helpful demographic information can be found using the .id tools. These tools use a range of data sources to compile a statistical perspective of the region. Council offers access to these tools, including the Community Profile, Economic Profile, and Social Atlas. These tools can also be used to view information for smaller subset areas. 

Grants Officer

Council employs a Grants Officer, this position contributes strongly to capacity building in terms of both Council’s financial sustainability endeavours and broader economic development principles. The position focus is on Project Specific ‘One Off’ Grants and/or subsidies, as opposed to recurrent funding streams. 
 The purpose of the Grants Officer role is: 

  • To source and secure financial assistance for Council projects through external funding bodies. 
  • To be the first point of contact for all grant applications on behalf of Council.