Snowy River Shire DCP

The Snowy River Development Control Plan 2013 ( DCP 2013) replaces the Snowy River DCP 1998 and Snowy River Rural DCP 2008. The DCP 2013 will apply to all land in the Shire.

The preparation of the DCP 2013 was a requirement of the State Government’s Planning Reforms and is associated with the Snowy River Local Environmental Plan 2013 ( LEP 2013) which has recently been endorsed by the minister of Planning and Infrastructure. 

The key elements in the summary are:
  • detailed review of all development control plans to update and ensure consistency between the draft DCP 2013 and the draft LEP 2013;
  • inclusion and update of existing DCPs into the new DCP structure and format;
  • new controls for all heritage items, as a better guide for development consistent with heritage character;
  • new controls for all development to encourage environmental sustainability and biodiversity;
  • new town and village centre DCP chapters for Jindabyne, Adaminaby and Berridale to enhance the design and function of our town and village centres;
  • revised controls to reflect best practice in landscaping, tree preservation, recycling and waste management and water management; and
  • removal of exempt and complying provisions as they are now included in the draft LEP 2013.
The Snowy River DCP is available to download in pdf format.  

Snowy River Development Control Plan 2013

Please see Chapter headings below to download a specific section of the DCP. 
Chapter A - Introduction
  • A1 Introduction
  • A2 Development Application requirements
  • A3  Public Notification
Chapter B - Rural Localities, Towns and Villages
  • B1  Rural Locality Statements
  • B2  Town and Village Plan
Chapter C - General Planning Considerations
  • C1  Subdivision
  • C2  Design
  • C3  Car Parking, Traffic & Access
  • C4  Heritage
  • C5  Tree Preservation and Landscaping 
  • C6  Signage & Advertising 
  • C7  Natural Hazard Management 
  • C8  Environmental Management
  • C9  Energy & Water Efficiency, Water Supply & Effluent Disposal
  • C10  Waste Management & Recycling
Chapter D - Residential Development  
  • D1  Residential Accommodation 
Chapter E - Non Residential Development 
  • E1  Tourist Accommodation
  • E2  Agriculture & Rural Industry 
  • E3  Commercial & Retail Development
  • E4 Industrial Development 
  • E5  Recreational Facilities
  • E6  Educational Establishments
Chapter F - Controls for Specific Sites & Locations  
  • F1  Jindabyne Town Centre
  • F2  Berridale Village Centre
  • F3  Adaminaby village Centre
  • F4  Dalgety Heritage Conservation Area
  • F5  Ivy Cottage Estate (O'Brien Avenue)
  • F6  Tyrolean Village (Rainbow Drive)
  • F7  Highview Estate Part 1 and Highview Estate Part 2
  • F8  Lakewood Estate
The DCP 2013 will support and supplement (but cannot override or replace) the provisions of the LEP 2013. The DCP 2013 will consolidate and update the provisions in the current Snowy River DCP 1998 and Rural DCP 2008 and be in line with the new provisions of LEP 2013. The DCP will also include a number of additional chapters related to town centres of Jindabyne, Berridale and Adaminaby and updated heritage controls.
The preparation of the DCP 2013 was also informed by the LEP 2013 consultations and reporting processes.