1. Jindabyne Action Plan

    Jindabyne Action Plan

    After almost 50 years of growth, Council has commenced a planning process for the urban areas of Jindabyne, Kalkite, East Jindabyne and Tyrolean Village, their 3,500 residents and thousands of visitors.

  2. Jindabyne Growth Plan

    Jindabyne Growth Plan

    The plan determines at the broad level where growth should occur and how it should be managed around Jindabyne.

  3. Jindabyne Beautification

    Jindabyne Beautification

    Guidelines for landscaping and beautification of the Kosciuszko Road corridor through Jindabyne.

  4. Jindabyne Open Space

    Jindabyne Open Space

    he strategy is intended to bridge a percieved information gap regarding current and future open space and recreation needs within the town of Jindabyne.

  5. Jindabyne Foreshore Mngt

    Jindabyne Foreshore Mngt

    The Jindabyne Foreshore Management Plan aims to provide an achievable management framework that outlines improvements to the southern foreshore and management practices in order to improve the amenity of this important community area.

  6. Snowy River Avenue upgrade

    Snowy River Avenue upgrade

    Overview page for the urban design and road upgrade project for Snowy River Avenue.