Polo Flat Structure Plan

As part of the former Cooma-Monaro Shire Council’s Strategic Planning Project which includes the preparation of a comprehensive shire wide Local Environmental Plan (LEP), Development Control Plan(s), Social Plan and Strategic Direction document, Council identified that the Strategic Planning Project include a Structure Plan for the industrial area east of Cooma known as Polo Flat.

The Polo Flat Structure Plan is not a legislative document, it is a visionary document setting out the strategic planning direction for future development over the next twenty years. A Structure Plan aims to co-ordinate the infrastructure and land use aspects of an area.

Whilst the plan has some flexibility, it aims to provide guidance to the community, business, infrastructure providers and Council on the direction of future development and infrastructure in the Polo Flat area. It does not contain the detail found in a master plan rather it recommends actions which would contribute achieving the Structure Plan principles which collectively form the strategic direction for Polo Flat.

Additionally, it does not propose, change or imply zoning over individual sites, this is the role of the Local Environmental Plan. The Structure Plan does however provide a framework within which decisions on development, use and scale can be made.

The Structure Plan deals with outcomes and actions on a broad scale, with more detailed development controls to be included in a future Development Control Plan.

The aims of the Structure Plan are to:
  • ensure the co-ordinated and efficient development of the Cooma industrial area, known as Polo Flat, in a manner that is environmentally sustainable; 
  • develop a twenty-year action plan to guide the future of development at Polo Flat and provide a link to any Local Environmental Plan, Development Control Plan(s), and Asset and Development Contributions Plan(s); and
  • identify opportunities for future industrial development. 

Download the Plan: Polo Flat Structure Plan