What is Bush Fire Prone Land
Bush fire Prone Land is an area of land that can support a bush fire or is likely to be subject to bush fire attack.

All development applications that are located in bush fire prone areas for:
• new commercial/industrial buildings
• new dwellings
• alterations and additions, and
• most outbuildings (ie garage, shed
are required to comply with construction requirements of Planning for Bush fire Protection 2006 (PBP2006) and AS 3959.

Proposals that do not comply with PBP2006 may be refused or referred to the Rural Fire Service (RFS) for comment.

If the development is defined as Integrated Development the application is also referred to RFS (additional fees apply).

Visit the NSW Planning Portal on the link below to view bushfire prone areas.

Search for the property then view the planning layers (on the left) associated with it.  If it is classed as bushfire prone, a map of the location will appear.