Floodplain Management

There are three urban areas in the former Cooma-Monaro local government area which have flood prone land, these are; Cooma, Michelago and Bredbo. The provisions in the Cooma-Monaro Local Environmental Plan 2013 and this Plan aim to protect human life and property. Only the flood prone land in Cooma has had a flood study undertaken.


The Cooma Floodplain Management Study 1994 provides the basis for Council’s assumptions about the extent of the following flood events:
  • 1:20 Annual Exceedance Probability
  • 1:100 Annual Exceedance Probability
  • Probable Maximum Flood
Residential accommodation of any type shall not be located in the 1:20 Annual Exceedance Probability area. Refer to the Cooma Floodplain Management Study 1994.


  • A flood study has not been undertaken for Bredbo, therefore the 1:100 year flood level has not been determined. However, anecdotal evidence indicates that the south-eastern area of the village zone is flood prone.
  • Where development is proposed below the 701 metre contour within in the RU5 and RE1 Zones, a flood assessment will be required to be submitted by the applicant at the time the development application is with the consent authority.


  • A flood study has not been undertaken for Michelago. However, the southern area of the village adjacent to Michelago Creek is considered flood prone.
  • Where development is proposed on the southern side of Ryrie Street within the RU5 and RE1 Zones a flood assessment will be required.

Other areas
  • Areas which are considered to be flood prone will require a flood assessment and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Where the likely extent of the 1:100 Average Recurrent Interval flood event is known or ascertained, the provisions of this Clause will apply to a proposed development.

(The above information forms part of Cooma-Monaro Shire Council Development Control Plan 2014 (Clause 6.4)