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Greenloaning Biostudies is a specialist Ecological Consulting firm with a strong background in all types of flora and fauna surveys, threatened species studies, monitoring programmes and technical report and management plan preparation. Alison Martin, as Director, has over 35 years’ experience in field ecology and report writing.

Working with Greenloaning Biostudies on this project is Dr Steve Phillips, a well-known koala specialist with extensive experience in koala ecology and management. Steve also has worked extensively on the assessment of koala populations in general in the southeast region, in collaboration with colleagues in the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage.

Stephen Fletcher, Director of Stephen Fletcher & Associates, also has been engaged to assist with the community and agency consultation components of the project. Stephen is an environmental planner with over 25 years’ experience in the preparation of local and regional planning strategies and community consultation projects.

The project team is also well supported by members of Council’s Koala Committee, with representatives from state government authorities, local organisations and community representatives.