What are Planning Zones?

Council's Local Environmental Plans (LEPs) divide the Shire area into smaller areas known as Zones. Each Zone will have its own particular planning controls. Zones often reflect either the main existing character of the land or its desired future use.

The objectives, uses permitted with and without consent and prohibited development in each Zone is detailed in the Planning Instruments.

The Zones in each LEP are as listed below. The Land Use Table identifies the Objectives of the Zone and the land use status. 
  1. Cooma-Monaro LEP
How do I find out what Zone my property is located in?

Council staff are unable to provide verbal Zoning advice, however there are a number of ways you can find out the Zone of a property:

  1. View Council’s Local Environmental Plan (LEP) which includes zoning maps on Council's website
  2. Visit Council's Planning department to view hard copies of the maps
  3. See the NSW Department of Planning & Environment's Planning Portal and search for a property
  4. If you have recently purchased the property, the zone will be current on your Section 149 Certificate as part of your settlement papers (see Planning Certificates below)
(Note: These Zones refer to Planning zones – zones for rating purposes may be different)

Planning Certificates

Planning certificate's are issued under Section 149 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. The Certificate provides information in accordance with Schedule 4 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000.

When selling land in NSW a 149(2) Certificate must be obtained as it forms part of a Contract for Sale. This Certificate identifies the land use zoning of a parcel of land, and what development may be carried out, with or without Council consent in that zoning.

A 149(5) Certificate contains the 149(2) Certificate, and may include the additional information of any Council Consents attached to the land.

A person may, on payment of the prescribed fee, apply to a council for a planning certificate with respect to any land within the area of the council.

The council shall, as soon as practicable, issue a planning certificate specifying such matters relating to the land to which the certificate relates as may be prescribed.