Trees on Private Land

What to do if you have a problem with trees on a neighbours property
If a neighbours tree is causing concern or damage to property or underground pipes, it is recommended that you discuss the problem with your neighbour first, as they may be unaware of the concern or damage the tree is causing.

Where agreement  on a course of action cannot be reached on, help is available from the Community Justice Centre
on 1800 990 777.

If a dispute is unable to be resolved, action can be taken at the Land and Environment Court under the Trees (Disputes Between Neighbours) Act 2010.

Are you concerned about the trees on your land?
Where a tree is causing problems to you or your home it is possible to remove it from your land. It is strongly suggested that this be carried out by an experienced tree arborist.

 If your property is located in a heritage area or deemed to be of historical significance you will need to contact Council to verify that the tree can be removed or altered.

 Essential Energy are the asset owner of powerlines to your house. Any pruning or removal of trees near these lines must be arranged through them - 13 23 91.

Are you concerned about your trees and the power lines?
Download a copy of Essential Energy Comprehensive Plan Before You Plant Guide
Tree Clearing Guidelines