School Programs

Council supports and encourages ALL schools in participating in Waste and Recycling Education Initiatives.

There are a number of Educational Programs and Centres that Council is happy to introduce or contact on behalf of the regional schools to deliver environmental education programs.

Berridale Public School, Berridale
"Waste Audit" in Term 2, 13 June 2017.

Berridale Public School invited Jules Donne (Bournda EEC) and Edwina Lowe (Snowy Monaro Regional Council) to their school to run a waste audit with their students.

All students from K – 6 were involved in the day. Students from K-3 worked with Jules and Edwina and learnt all about waste audits and played the waste audit game.

Both Jules and Edwina were amazed at how much these students already knew about which bins to put their waste in and why this is so important. The year 4 – 6 students then sorted their way through two wheelie bins of playground rubbish dividing it into recyclable materials, organic waste and landfill.

The groups then presented these results to the rest of the school and points of interest were discussed. The students and teachers had loads of ideas and were keen to implement some of these at the school.

Well done Berridale students and teachers!
Berridale Public School 13 June 2017 (2)
Berridale Public School 13 June 2017 (1)
St. Patrick's Parish School, Cooma
"Working with Waste" Program in Term 1, 2017.

Year 5 students from St. Patrick’s Parish School in Cooma took part in the ‘Working with Waste’ program in Term 1, 2017. Belinda Ingram (Snowy Monaro Regional Council) and Jules Donne (Bournda EEC) worked with the students on the day. Students took on the challenge of running a waste audit of the playground rubbish bins.

Students commented that the results of the waste audit made them think “that I need to be more careful about where I put my rubbish” and “that we should be taking containers (in our lunch boxes) and throwing our rubbish in the right bin”.

The class, led by one super keen student, are now looking to come up with an action plan for the school.
Weighing during waste audit picture St Patricks Parish School
Sorting picture St Patricks Parish School
Snowy Mountains Grammar School
School Waste Audit conducted on 12 September 2016.

Tavia Taylor - Junior School teacher, The Garden Club and Edwina Lowe from Council ran a waste audit, sorting waste from recycling, weighing and calculating totals. 

The purpose of the waste audit was to determine the make-up of waste generated within the school. The data collected was then used to devise ideas that will encourage more sustainable waste practices within the school, making it healthier for students and staff.

The students are now applying for the $500 grant money available in hope to introduce waste education initiatives within the school.
Cooma North Public School
Introduction To Composting Education Morning - 2 November 2016

Julie Donne (Bournda EEC) and Edwina Lowe (Snowy Monaro Regional Council) visited Cooma North Public School to introduce Stage 1, 2 and 3 (338 students) to composting composting within the school.

Council donated a kitchen/organic bin for each classroom as well as the canteen and staff room. These little bins were given to the school to assist them to collect their food scraps efficiently to deposit in their newly donated Compost bin.

Julie and Edwina went through various things with each group to cover why composting is important and how the school can successfully compost. They focussed on what goes in the compost bins and what does not. Each talk was a little different to cater for the different age groups. 
Edwina and Cooma North Public School students with Compost bin
Photos have been supplied by Cooma North Public School and have authorised publication.
Edwina and Cooma North Public School students Oragnic Bin
Michelago Public School
Worm Farm Education Visit - 16 November 2016

Edwina Lowe from Council's Resource and Waste Department visited Michelago Public School and presented them with a brand new Worm Farm, an organic bin and a tube of worms. This donation is part of Council's continuing support of regional schools Going Green.

While presenting the school with these new products, Edwina talked with the 32 students (of all ages) over an hour, about how to take care of their new worm farm and the environment. Together with some students they set up the worm farm, then all the kids participated in a worm food game and discussed other ways we as a individuals can divert food and organic matter from the landfill.

Council donated a kitchen/organic bin to the school to help the students collect their vegetable and fruit scraps from morning tea to feed the worms in their new worm farm.

Edwina Lowe said "The kids were very attentive and asked many questions. I am looking forward to visiting them again next year to discuss composting."
Michelago Public School - kids getting dirty with worms
Michelago Public School - worm farm game
Photos have been supplied by Michelago Public School and have authorised publication.
Bournda Environmental Education Centre is operated by the Department of Education and is located in Bournda National Park on the Far South Coast of NSW; an ideal setting for the delivery of environmental education programs.

The staff at Bournda EEC assist teachers to plan and conduct field trips for students from Kindergarten – Year 12, which are designed to specifically target KLA outcomes.

Programs can be tailored to meet your school’s needs or may be chosen from our featured programs covering a wide range of KLA’s.

Popular recreation programs are also available to support the PD/H/PE syllabus.

For more information please visit Bournda Environmental Education Centre website or
Phone (02) 6494 5009.