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Coompost Compost can NOW be purchased from Jindabyne Landfill and Cooma Landfill.

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What is Compost?

Compost is organic matter that has been decomposed and recycled as fertilizer and/or soil conditioner.  At the simplest level composting simply requires taking a heap of organic material and waiting for it to breakdown into humus after a matter of weeks.

Modern methodical composting is a multi-step process which includes certain measures such as input of water, air and nitrogen and carbon rich materials which are decomposed by the aid of regular turning and watering with an Aeromaster turner.

Council wants to ensure that set goals are achieved for future generations and to enable community sustainability by keeping food and garden organics (FOGO) waste out of our landfills.  Council is producing a local resource that can be used by gardeners, food growers and for other community assets such as parks and community gardens.
Council will continue to educate and engage with the community so we can work together to help the environment and to improve the fertility and health of our local soils.

Making Compost

Currently compost manufacturing is undertaken at the Cooma Landfill where kerbside and dropped off FOGO are placed into rows approximately 100 metres long and this material is combined with manure, other organic materials and water which then undertakes a 10 to 12 week processing (cooking) period where the rows of material reach temperatures in excess on 60oto ensure that all pathogens, seeds etc. are eliminated.  

The material is turned on a regular basis to aid in the composting process.  

All compost is closely monitored with temperature, nitrogen and carbon dioxide measurements taken regularly.  

The final product is then screened to remove any contaminants and larger particles that have not yet broken down this material is then returned to a new row to continue to breaking down process.

By having a viable composting operation at the Cooma Landfill this provides many advantages both economically and environmentally.  It utilises existing stockpiles of FOGO which substantially reduces the amount of organic material going to landfills.

Councils ongoing plan is to educate residents to adopt a more sustainable way of waste management, this is a key priority for diverting waste from landfill.

Whilst waste management is not only a local issue, Council is committed to providing best practice services to our communities and will be working with and encouraging residents to actively participate in waste avoidance and in particular keeping food and garden waste out of our landfills.
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