Development on Heritage Item or Area

Heritage Impact Statements

A Heritage Impact Statement (HIS) is a document that sets out the impact that a development will have on the heritage values of an item (sometimes referred to as a place) or conservation area. It states:
  • why the item or area is of heritage significance,
  • what impact the proposed works will have on the item or area’s heritage significance,
  • what measures are proposed to mitigate negative impacts,
  • why more sympathetic solutions are not viable.
Fact Sheet - Heritage Impact Statement

Works of a Minor Nature

To reduce unnecessary or onerous obligations on owners of heritage property, clause 5.10(3) of the Cooma-Monaro Local Environmental Plan 2013 (LEP) identifies certain circumstances when development consent is not required for works undertaken on heritage items or within a heritage conservation area. 

 The Policy aims to identify ‘works of a minor nature’ and provide guidelines for the maintenance and repair of heritage items, and buildings within a heritage conservation area.

 Note: Before undertaking ANY works on a Heritage Item, it is recommended that you contact Council for advice.

Policy - Works of a Minor Nature or Maintenance 
Works of a Minor Nature Application Form