Where To With Waste

As Council develops its 20 year Waste Strategic Plan there is a need to talk to the community about where Council is heading and what the community needs and wants. Council want to reduce what goes to landfill as it extends the life of our landfills, reducing costs for both Council and residents.
The hand - where to with waste
Council intends to provide the community with information to assist in understanding Council’s direction in the provision of waste services to the community through workshops and forums in the New Year.
The Future of Waste Services in the Snowy Monaro Region

1) Review Cost

  • Engage independent consultants to provide a cost analysis review to determine future fees and charges for the region.
  • The cost to the community should be reflective of the actual cost of providing the services, and the ongoing cost to maintain the facilities to meet the required environmental standards.
2) Align Services

  • Harmonising services to reflect One Council.
  • Future opportunities to expand commingled recycling and food/organics collections.
3) Operate Environmentally Sound Landfills and Transfer Stations

  • Meeting Environmental guideline requirements set by the EPA, including future and full lifecycle planning.
  • Working towards objectives and targets set in the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery (WARR) Strategy; increasing the waste diverted from landfill to 75% by 2021-22.
  • Follow regulations set in the Protection of the Environment Operations (POEO) Act and Environmental Guidelines for Solid Waste Landfills.
  • Funding for the inevitable closure of landfills and new site constructions.
4) Servicing the Community

  • Providing the best service possible, with the most efficient outcomes.
  • Responding to community feedback regarding service provision.
  • Implementing best practices.
  • Offering innovative services.
5) Ongoing Community Support

  • Education programs.
  • Best recycling practices.
  • Improve community participation in waste avoidance and recycling initiatives.
  • Appropriate funding allocated for education and communication for the community.