Development Process Guide

Council has developed a guide to development, aimed at demystifying the planning process for our community, future developers and first-time applicants within the Snowy Monaro region.

We recognise that the planning process can be complex and confronting for first-time applicants. The guide will answer some of the commonly asked questions and outline the process that an applicant will need to follow and navigate through the DA process.

The guide has been broken into six sections, to allow you to easily find the information you need at each stage of your application process. For further information please contact our Planning Team on 1300 345 345 or email

Stage-1-Pre-Lodgement.pdf(PDF, 920KB)

Stage-2-Lodging-your-Application.pdf(PDF, 793KB)

Stage-3-Assessment-What-happens-to-your-DA-now.pdf(PDF, 549KB)

Stage-4-Determination-the-Decision.pdf(PDF, 512KB)

Stage-5-Post-determination-Get-your-approval-to-build-and-start-work.pdf(PDF, 975KB)

Stage-6-Completion-and-Occupation.pdf(PDF, 489KB)