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Posted on: 2 February, 2017

Stronger Focus on Water Quality for the Bombala Area

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The Bombala pipe flushing program continues to improve water quality, as Council makes good on their commitment to enhance water quality throughout the region.

Snowy Monaro Regional Council’s Administrator, Dean Lynch, would like to reassure the Bombala community that delivering high quality water for all communities throughout the region has been flagged as a priority. “One of the biggest issues we have heard from the Bombala community has been that poor water quality could no longer be tolerated by residents. So I can guarantee that we are working to rectify this issue.”

Council has now assigned a staff member who will focus on two main objectives. Firstly, ensuring that all water leaving the Bombala treatment plant meets Australian water quality guidelines, and secondly by working to flush out years of built up grime from pipes, which has been affecting water quality between the plant and homes.

“Three weeks into the appointment of the water officer and we have already seen huge improvements in the quality of water leaving the treatment plant. Unfortunately, this clean water is travelling through pipes that have needed to be cleaned and some residents are experiencing discoloured water,” continued Mr Lynch. “This will take a while to clear as pipe flushing continues in areas that have not been flushed in the past.”

Council will continue to update the community as the pipe flushing program is implemented. We apologise for the inconvenience to residents as we work to flush out the pipe systems and appreciate your continued understanding and feedback which added value to the process.

For further information on water quality and supply please call us on 1300 345 345.

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