Ashes Interments


Ashes can be interred either into  a columbarium or a grave site.

Snowy Monaro Regional Council has columabriums available for the interment of ashes at the Adaminaby, Bombala, Cooma, Delegate, Gegedzerick and Jindabyne cemeteries.  

Both plots and niches can be reserved for later use or purchased at time of need. Ashes may also be interred into occupied plots with permission from the next of kin. 

Before you may inter ashes, an application for a permit to inter ashes (Order of Interment) and an application to erect a monument must be submitted to Council.

The procedure for interment of ashes is as follows

In order to inter ashes into a council cemetery, you need to follow these steps.

  • Choose between interment into a niche wall or gravesite.
  • Purchase the niche or grave using the application form 'Application for Interment Right'.
  • Pay the applicable fee for the plot/niche.
  • If interring into an occupied plot you don't need to purchase the plot but will need approval from the next of kin/applicant of the occupier's burial.
  • When you are ready to inter the ashes you will need to complete the form 'Application To Inter Ashes' Council will then issue you with an 'Order for Interment'.
  • Where necessary, Council will organise for the moving of any monuments and any digging needed (fees apply).
  • An application for erection of a monument must also be completed to ensure that the plaque size and style is appropriate for the niche wall. For plaque specifications please see our Memorials and Monuments page. Monuments may only be erected on application and approval from Council.
  • Plaques must comply with council policy, ‘Plaques in Council Cemeteries. Arrangements in relation to placement and plaque are specific to cemeteries - please contact the Council office on 1300 345 345 for further information. 
  • All interments into grave sites must be permanently marked within 12 months, In order to erect a memorial you need to complete the form 'Application for Erection of a Memorial'

  • Upon approval from Council, the ashes may be interred. Depending on the site this may be undertaken by the cemetery supervisor, monumental mason or Council staff only.