Notification of Pesticide Use

Public notification is based on the principle that, people who live and work in an area have a basic right to know when public places in the area are treated with pesticides.

More information on pesticide use notification is available from the NSW Environment and Protection Authority’s website at:

To comply with the regulations Snowy Monaro Regional Council is currently reviewing a Pesticide Use Notification Plan that sets out how, when and where it will notify the general public of any recent or intended pesticide applications to prescribed public places under its control.

Pesticide Use Notification Plan 2022(PDF, 471KB)

Current Notification For Pesticide Use

Snowy Monaro Regional Council wish to inform the general public that pesticide use will be in accordance with the below notification.

SNOWY MONARO REGIONAL COUNCIL NOTICE OF PESTICIDE USE: for the period 20 August 2022 - 30 June 2023

Notice is given pursuant to Part 5 of the Pesticides Regulation 2017, that Snowy Monaro Regional Council will be carrying out the following herbicide applications on roadsides, reserves, operational lands and selected Crown lands within the Snowy Monaro Region:

  • Flupropanate products for the control of Serrated Tussock, African Lovegrass, Chilean Needle Grass, Coolatai Grass and other exotic, perennial grass weeds.
  • Glyphosate 450 for the control of exotic, perennial grass weeds as detailed above; in addition to the non-selective control of general weeds around guideposts, signs, under guardrails and in urban situations.
  • Roundup bioactive or alternative aquatic approved Glyphosate formulation for the non-selective control of weeds in aquatic situations.
  • Grazon Extra, Stinger or Metsulfuron-methyl products for the control of woody weeds, including but not limited to Sweet Briar, Blackberry, St John’s Wort and Scotch/English Broom.
  • MCPA or Dicamba formulations for the control of Thistles.
  • Bromoxynil for the control of Fireweed.

In light of community concerns regarding the use of Glyphosate products in public areas, Council is continually investigating the use of Glyphosate alternative products in identified sensitive areas of the Snowy Monaro region.  Pesticide use notifications specific to these applications will be posted on-site in accordance with Council’s Pesticide Use Notification Plan. Please contact Council on 1300 345 345 for more information.

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Pesticides and the community

The NSW Environmental Protection Authority has introduced an obligation whereby public authorities such as local Councils and Government Agencies are required to notify the community when they use or allow the use of pesticides in public places that are owned or controlled by the public authority.

The requirements are described in the Pesticides Regulation 2017