Collection Services


Council reminds residents their bins need to be placed out the night before the scheduled collection day, rather than the morning itself, to avoid missing out on the collection.

We aim to provide an efficient and effective waste management service to our community.

Domestic Collection
We provide the following domestic kerbside waste, recycling and food/garden organics collection services for residents:
  • Household rubbish (garbage)
  • Recycling
  • Food and Garden Organics (Cooma only) 

Bins Types

Domestic bin sizes may vary due to different services provided within certain areas of the region.

240-litre red lid bin
120-litre red lid bin 

240-litre yellow lid bin 
360-litre yellow lid bin

Food Organics and Garden Organics - Cooma Only
240-litre lime green lid bin


Requesting a new or additional domestic waste, recycling and FOGO collection service

An application form must be completed when requesting a new or additional collection service.

Resource and Waste Fees and Charges can be viewed here.

Download, print and complete the Additional Domestic Waste, Recycling and FOGO Collection Service application form(PDF, 324KB)  and return to Council by email, in person at any Council offices, or via post. 

In the case of a new build, a Final Occupancy Certificate is required before service can commence.

Replacement or repair of waste, recycling and FOGO collection service bins

An application form must be completed with payment when requesting a replacement or missing waste, recycling or FOGO collection bin. Fees and charges can be viewed on the current Replacement and/or Repair of Waste/Recycling/Organics application form(PDF, 184KB) .

If your bin is damaged or worn through normal use, we will repair or replace it free of charge at our discretion.

Property owners or managing agents will be required to pay for replacement of bins which are:
  • Damaged through incorrect use
  • Disappear due to incorrect storage
  • Damaged (malicious or otherwise)
  • Stolen from inside the property boundary
  • Stolen/ gone missing between tenants or change of ownership
We will assist with missing bins, by reviewing the collection data where possible, but if unsuccessful and the bin has not been recovered a replacement fee will be required.

If the missing bin is found after the resident has paid for the replacement, we will refund the replacement cost and collect the replacement bin.

Payment of a replacement bin will only be provided with the same size of bin that was originally allocated (i.e. a 240 litre with a 240 litre MGB Bin). Please note that these prices are subject to change.

Requesting a wheel out/wheel in domestic collection service

The wheel out/wheel in service is an opt-in service for residents that receive a domestic kerbside waste, recycling and food and/or garden organics collection service within the region. 

For those residents wishing to participate in this service the annual fee is $951.23. 

This service includes a Council staff member retrieving, emptying and returning bins to the nominated storage location on the allocated pickup day for collection. 

For each resident participating this service it would include:
  • 52 services per year for the red lidded waste bin
  • 26 services per year for the yellow lidded recycling bin 
  • 26 services per year for the lime green lidded food and garden organics bins (Cooma only)
If you wish to apply for the wheel out/wheel in service at $951.23 per annum, please complete the Wheel Out/Wheel In Service application form(PDF, 114KB) .

Infirmed or elderly residents
You could be eligible for an exemption to the wheel out/wheel in service fee if you are physically incapable of wheeling bins to the kerbside from your residence and have no other able-bodied person(s) residing with you who could wheel out the bins to the kerbside on your behalf.

If this applies to you, please complete the Infirmed Wheel Out/ Wheel In Service application form(PDF, 148KB)  and returned to Council by email, in person at any Council offices, or via post.


Helpful hints to avoid missed kerbside collection

  • Residents are advised that kerbside bins need to be correctly presented ready for collection the night before each scheduled collection day. 
  • The collection routes are scheduled on days NOT times.
  • Place bins on the kerb with Council logo facing the road and wheels towards the house. 
  • Keep bins 1 metre apart from each other and away from objects such as letterboxes, trees and parked cars.
  • Missed collections, damaged or missing bins must be reported to Council as soon as possible on 1300 345 345
Food and Garden Organics (FOGO) Collection Service

Cooma township's Food and Garden Organic Collection

Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) is a kerbside collection service that allows food to be added to the a lime green lid waste bin so it can be recycled into top quality compost at Cooma Landfill's compost farm.

Cooma township residents are entitled to this additional 240-litre lime green lidded bin kerbside collection service in conjunction with their their household waste and recycling collections.
We have received a few queries lately about what can and can't go in your lime green lidded bins.
See the below image for clarification.

When will the area I live in get a food and garden organics (FOGO) service?

We are committed to expanding this service to other townships, however, the composting facility at the Cooma Landfill must undergo upgrading to allow for an increase in production. The design and planning approval for the upgrade to the compost facility is underway. 


How can I apply for a new FOGO service?

If you are a resident of Cooma township you are eligible to apply for a Food and Garden Organics (FOGO) collection service.

You can download an New or Additional Domestic Waste, Recycling and FOGO Collection Service application form(PDF, 324KB) . This is to be completed and returned to Council by email, in person at any Council offices, or via post.

Cooma residents who live in a multi unit development can apply on a different application form Opt In Domestic Food and Garden Organics Service(PDF, 368KB) .


Bank of Bins (BOB) Waste and Recycling Service

Rural residents within the region are eligible to apply to use the popular Bank Of Bins (BOB) Service

The Bank of Bins service is an opt-in service available for residents who would prefer the benefits of dropping their domestic waste and recycling at a designated area instead of driving it to a waste facility.

The sites are designed with lockable lids that prevent litter escaping and becoming an environmental issue. The lids also prevent the bins from being disturbed by wild and feral animals.

Council offers a waste (red lidded bin) and co-mingled recycling (yellow lidded bin) collection within the Bank of Bin service. Items which can/cannot be put in these bins are the same as residential kerbside collection bins. 

Bins are serviced weekly by the domestic waste and recycling vehicles.

For information about the dos and don'ts on what to put in these bins please visit What Can I Recycle?

Residents utilising the service are asked to call Council's Resource and Waste team on 1300 345 345 if the bins are full or causing a litter hazard before collection day.


Bank of Bins Site Locations

  • Alpine Way
  • Avonside
  • Buckenderra
  • Binjura/Bunyan
  • Caddigat Road
  • Carinya Lane
  • Eucumbene Cove
  • Frying Pan
  • Jerangle
  • Michelago
  • Moonbah
  • Numbla Vale
  • Paupong
  • Rockwell Road
  • Smiths Road
  • Snowy River Way


If you live in one of the rural areas where a Bank of Bins service is available,  please complete the Bank of Bins (BOB) Waste and Recycling Services application form(PDF, 128KB)  if you wish this service.

Once this form is completed, please return to Council office pay the $100.00 key deposit (one key per residence). Once you have a BOB key, you can immediately start using your Bank of Bins waste and recycling service. The annual fee for this service is $288 and will be added to your rates.

Resource and Waste Fees and charges can be viewed HERE(PDF, 5MB)  

If you move or decide to stop using the service, please advise in writing to Council, return the key and you will be refunded your $100.00 key deposit.


Commercial Waste, Recycling, FOGO Collection Services

If you operate a business or own a commercial property, Council is able to offer you a garbage and/or recycling service.

Bin size options include 240 litre, 360 litre, 660 litre or 1100 litre for your waste and/or recycling needs.

Please download the Commercial Waste, Recycling and/or Food and Garden Organics (FOGO) Collection Service application form(PDF, 158KB) .

Resource and Waste Fees and charges can be viewed here.

Commercial Waste Collection 

Items you cannot put into your general waste bin include:

  • No hazardous materials (batteries, paint tins, oil containers, gas cylinders, asbestos);
  • No liquids (wastewater, oil, paint, cleaners, acids, chemicals);
  • No demolition, construction or renovation materials;
  • No electrical appliances; and
  • No medical waste (needles or syringes)


Commercial Recycling Collection 

Items which can/cannot be put in your recycling bin are the same as residential bins.

For more information please visit What Can I Recycle?

Commercial FOGO Collection (Cooma only)

For more information on items which can/cannot be put in your Commercial Food and Garden Organics bin please visit Food Organics Garden Organics.

Event Collection Service

EVENT Collection Service

We can offer efficient low cost waste and recycling services to assist you with the clean-up of your event.

Council can provide you with temporary special event bins for occasions where additional waste is generated. They can deliver, remove and empty these bins at a low cost fee for your convenience.

Requests for special event bins must be made at least 14 days notice for successful delivery for your required event.

You can download an Event Waste and Recycling application form(PDF, 371KB) .

Event fees and charges will be processed after the event and invoiced monthly and can be viewed here.

Please remember that larger events will require a booking through Council if being held on council owned land and may require a Development Application approval. If you are unsure of whether your event will need approval please contact Council on 1300 345 345 and speak to a Town Planner.