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To contact Council please complete the following information with as much detail as you can to help us process your request in a timely manner. Council adheres to a customer service charter which specifies response times and councils service standards.

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Council Online Forms

  1. Australia Day Nomination Form

    Nomination form for persons of the year in various categories

  2. General Enquiries

    Use this form to submit your request/complaint to Snowy Monaro Regional Council. Your request will be forwarded to a responsible... More…

  3. Nuisance Animals

    Report Nuisance Animals such as barking dogs and wandering animals

  1. Change of Address

    Contact Council to advice of any details which may have changed. This might include names, addresses, contact numbers.

  2. Illegal Dumping

    Report Illegal dumping in your area.

  3. Road Defect

    Report road defects in your area.