Jindabyne RRC

  • Project value$8 Million

Snowy Monaro Regional Council, in discussion with the EPA, will be closing the Jindabyne Landfill by 2025 as part of the EPAs program to consolidate regional council landfills. Prior to closing the landfill we will build and open a Resource Recovery Centre (RRC) adjacent to the landfill with the intention to greatly increase the amount of recyclables recovered from waste that would otherwise have gone to landfill.

As part of this process we will be seeking willing participation from residents to help source-separate their waste as part of this program to divert waste from landfill, engage with commercial partners to recycle and reuse waste products wherever possible.

June 2023 Update

The new RRC Master Plan Design has nearly been finalised for Development Application (DA) submission. The DA submission is anticipated to occur in August 2023. Once the DA is submitted the design will be placed on public exhibition for the information and input of local residents.