Water Mains

Water mains are located in almost all streets where a town water service supplies a property.
Along water mains are:

  • Stop Valves - for isolating water main sections
  • Hydrants - for fire fighting purposes, and
  • Water Service Tappings - to connect properties to water main   

Hydrants (yellow round top) need to be accessible at all times for use by fire brigades when required. 

Hydrant tops and valve top heights can generally be adjusted as required, contact Council on 1300 345 345.

Driveways will often cross water mains. Please contact Council on 1300 345 345 to identify the location of a fire hydrant, stop valve or service tapping. 

It is important that hydrants, stop valves and tappings are accessible for emergency situations. If they are located in a proposed driveway area Council will provide access tops free of charge for placement in concrete or paving driveways.