Water Theft and Compliance

What is water theft?

 Council has identified that water theft contributes to water loss resulting in potential health risks and financial loss. These types of connections are not only illegal, but they could threaten the quality of water that is delivered to your home or business. 

Water offences predominantly refer to the:

  • unauthorised taking of surface or groundwater ie without a licence,
  • unauthorised construction of works,
  • bore construction or alteration,
  • other works such as dams or weirs,
  • bore construction by an unlicensed driller,
  • contravention of conditions of authorisation,
  • taking water for purposes different to those agreed to,
  • taking water in excess of allocation
  • taking water from a source not specified


Council's role 

Council is currently enforcing the compliance of water usage in the local government area and undertaking a project to reduce water theft. If non compliance is found, fines can apply.