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Frequently Asked Questions

A list of our most common inquiries. If you can't find what you're looking for here try using the search bar, please contact your local office for assistance.


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1. How was Snowy Monaro Regional Council created and what are its boundaries?
2. How was the name of our new council chosen?
3. Who will pay for Snowy Monaro Regional Council to be established?
4. Will my rates stay the same?
5. Will the services and facilities that the previous councils provided to residents, ratepayers and businesses remain the same?
6. Where are Snowy Monaro Regional Council staff, administrative offices and customer service centres located?
7. How will the new council continue to communicate and engage with residents?
8. What is the time frame for developing a new delivery plan and community strategic plan?
9. What are the requirements for redundancies to be genuine?
10. Do the employment protections prescribed under the Local Government Act 1993 for staff affected by mergers and boundary alterations apply to individuals or the positions they hold?
11. Are designated persons required to submit new pecuniary interest returns with the new council?
12. Can monies be carried over past 31 December 2019?

Dogs and Cats

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1. Do I have to register my Dog or Cat?
2. When does my cat or dog have to be microchipped?
3. Does my farm working dog have to be registered?
4. Can my cat or dog lose its exemption from microchipping and lifetime registration?
5. Do I have to register and microchip my cat?
6. How much does lifetime registration cost?
7. I have recently moved to NSW – how long until I have to lifetime register my pet?
8. What do I need to do if I give my pet away or sell it?
9. What do I need to do if my pet is lost or dies?
10. Do I have to keep my cat inside?
11. Does my dog need to be on a leash?

Information About Rates and Water Accounts

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1. How do I update my contact details with Council
2. Can I receive my notices via email?
3. When are my Rates due?
4. If I pay my rates in full, rather than in the quarterly instalments, can I get a reduction?
5. How is my land valued?
6. Can I appeal the valuation of my land?
7. What does 'ad valorem' mean?
8. How is my land categorised for rating purposes?
9. What happens if I disagree with the category shown on my rate notice?
10. When does a change in category occur?
11. When am I charged interest?
12. Am I entitled to a Pensioner Rebate for my Rates/Water?
13. Can I amalgamate all my Rate Notices into one notice?

Recycling FAQs

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1. What Items Can Go Into My Kerbside Yellow Lid Recycling Bin?
2. Can I Recycle Aerosol Cans?
3. Can Aluminium Cans, Foil And Foil Trays Be Recycled?
4. What About Pizza Boxes? Can I Recycle Them?
5. Can Pringle Tubes Be Recycled?
6. Do I Have To Rinse My Glass Bottles And Jars Before Putting Them In My Recycling Bin?
7. Do I Have To Remove The Lids From Glass Bottles And Jars Before I Put Them In My Recycling Bin?
8. Why Can’t I Put Drinking Glasses And Broken Window Glass In My Recycling Bin?
9. Do I Need To Remove The Lids From Plastic Bottles?
10. Why Can’t I Recycle Plastic Bags In My Recycling Bin?
11. Can I Put My Recycling In Plastic Bags Like I Do My Garbage?

Return and Earn FAQs

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1. Where is my nearest collection point?
2. What is a Reverse Vending Machine (RVM)?
3. How do I use a reverse vending machine?
4. Can I crush my cans and bottles?
5. Do I need to remove the lid from my container?
6. Can I still use my yellow bin for recycling?
7. Is this a Council Scheme?
8. How do I become a collection point?
9. How can my school or community group use Return and Earn to fund raise?
10. Where can I return my container?
11. Reverse Vending Machines
12. Automated Depot
13. Over the Counter site
14. Donation Station

Waste and Recycling General

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1. Why didn't my bin get collected?
2. When are my bins collected?
3. Should I take my bins with me when I sell my house or move?
4. There is no bins at my property. How can I get some bins?
5. I have just moved and my large cardboard boxes wont fit into my recycling bin?
6. Where can I purchase a compost bin or a worm farm?
7. What should I do if my bin is missing or damaged?
8. My collection day falls on a public holiday. Will my bin be collected?
9. I’m moving out, where can I take my unwanted goods?
10. How Do I Dispose Of Unwanted Paint?
11. Why do the garbage trucks start so early and make a lot of noise?
12. How do I apply for a domestic kerbside collection service?
13. How do I dispose of my Green Waste?


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1. I need to speak to someone urgently about an issue in my life. Who do I call?
2. How do I get involved in School Holiday Programs?
3. I have an idea for an activity for young people. How can I get help to make it happen?
4. Where are the Youth Centres in the region?