Waste and Recycling in the Snowy Monaro

  1. Bin Collection Calendar

    Bin Collection Calendar

    Residents of the Snowy Monaro region receive a number of domestic kerbside collections. An annual calendar is produced to outline collection schedules, provide useful tips to to reduce waste to landfill.

  2. Collection Services

    Collection Services

    Snowy Monaro Regional Council aims to provide an efficient and effective waste management service to the community by providing residents with a number of services to satisfy all requirements.

  3. Waste Facilities

    Waste Facilities

    Council has waste facilities across the Snowy Monaro region. Residents who dispose of their domestic waste at any of Council's Waste Facilities will pay the appropriate fees and charges for the waste they dispose of.

  4. Fees and Charges

    Fees and Charges

    Domestic waste service charges, Commercial waste services and Fees for waste disposal at Council’s landfills and transfer stations.

  5. What Can I Recycle?

    What Can I Recycle?

    What you can and cannot put in your yellow lid recycling bin and how to recycle other household items. Using the right disposal method for unwanted items will help improve recycling and reuse rates.

  6. Tricky Waste Items

    Tricky Waste Items

    Not all household waste can be disposed of in kerbside bins. Hazardous waste is dangerous to the environment & our health. Learn about free services to safely dispose of asbestos, electrical items, chemicals & hazardous materials, flares & sharps.

  7. Education and Events

    Education and Events

    Council offers a variety of waste education events and services, with the goal of informing and working with our community to reduce waste going to landfill.

  8. Composting and Worm Farms

    Composting and Worm Farms

    Recycling your food waste is easy with composting and worm farming. If you wish to home compost, the Resource & Waste Department would be happy to discuss easy composting techniques and can arrange products to purchase.

  9. Environment Operations Act & Pollution Monitoring

    Environment Operations Act & Pollution Monitoring

    Council ensures that all waste facilities operate inline with the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997.

  10. Waste Strategies, Policies and Procedures

    Waste Strategies, Policies and Procedures

    The Resource and Waste Strategy 2016 steers Council and its community towards reducing the amount of waste going to landfill and increasing the recovery and recycling of valuable resources.

  11. Rubbish and Recycling Enforcement

    Rubbish and Recycling Enforcement

    Did you know that your red and yellow lid bins should only be left out for a maximum of 24 hours over collection time? If bins are repeatedly left out you risk of fine of up to $511.00.

General Waste & Recycling FAQs
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