Waste Services in the Snowy Monaro

  1. Bin Collection Calendar

    Bin Collection Calendar

    View Council's Resource and Waste collection calendar to find out when your red, yellow and green bin collections are scheduled.

  2. Collection Services

    Collection Services

    Council provides a number of efficient domestic and commercial waste collection services for the Snowy Monaro region.

  3. Waste Facilities

    Waste Facilities

    Council has waste facilities across the Snowy Monaro region. Residents who dispose of their waste will pay the appropriate fees and charges.

  4. Fees and Charges

    Fees and Charges

    Domestic waste service charges, Commercial waste services and Fees for waste disposal at Council’s landfills and transfer stations.

  5. Events and Campaigns

    Events and Campaigns

    Council offers and supports a variety of waste education events and campaigns.

  1. What Can I Recycle?

    What Can I Recycle?

    Recycling! Using the right disposal method for unwanted items will help improve recycling and reuse rates.

  2. Tricky Waste Items

    Tricky Waste Items

    Not all household waste can be disposed of in kerbside collection bins. Find out here where you can safely dispose of tricky problem waste.

  3. Composting and Worm Farms

    Composting and Worm Farms

    Snowy Monaro locally produce Coompost at Cooma Landfill for sale. Here you will find more information about home composting and sustainable living.

  4. Environment Operations Act & Pollution Monitoring

    Environment Operations Act & Pollution Monitoring

    Protection of the Environment Operations Act. Groundwater and Leachate Water Testing Results.

  5. Rubbish and Recycling Enforcement

    Rubbish and Recycling Enforcement

    Including littering, illegal dumping enforcement and unlawful waste disposal.