Swimming Pools and Spas

The NSW Government requires owners of swimming pools and spas register them and ensure that they are compliant with government standards and regulations.

The Swimming Pools Act 1992 and the Swimming Pools Regulation 2008 work together with Australian Standard 1926 (AS1926) to establish the safety standards for ‘backyard’ swimming pools. These documents have been updated a number of times and, as a result, apply differently at different points in time.

How much could a cheap pool cost you?

It could cost a life.  A cheap inflatable pool is a great way to keep cool, but they are responsible for one in five pool drownings. If you have a backyard swimming pool or spa, including an inflatable or portable pool / spa that holds 30cm or more of water, you need to be aware of barrier requirements in NSW aimed at improving safety around pools and spas.

A proper fence with a self-closing and latching gate is the best way to stop toddlers wandering into danger. Fines may apply if a pool is not completely surrounded by a compliant pool fence. This includes inflatable and portable pools that can be filled with 30cm or more of water. Spas may be fitted with a child-resistant lockable lid, providing the spa is used primarily as a ‘spa’ and not a ‘swim spa’. Self-assessment checklists are available on the NSW Swimming Pool Register  to assist with compliance. For further information and to view additional resources, please visit Keep Watch | Royal Life Saving Society - Australia