Cooma Regional Sports Centre


Cooma Regional Sports Centre offers an indoor multi-sporting facility including three state-of-the-art courts, located at Monaro High School.

Address:402 Yanni Street, Cooma NSW 2630

As this is a joint use agreement between Council and the Department of Education, use and access to the facility is shared. The proposed hours for community use are as follows:

Court 1:

  • 6am – 10.30pm (360 days per year)
  • NB: For five days per year this court is to be used by Monaro High School during school hours so it will be unavailable


Court 2:

  • 4pm – 10.30pm (school days)
  • 6am – 10.30pm (non-school days)


Court 3:

  • 4pm – 10.30pm (school days)
  • 6am – 10.30pm (non-school days)
  • NB: Court 3 is unavailable for one term including evenings and weekends due to school use, the specific term is yet to be confirmed. As the licensee, Council sets fees for use outside of agreed Department of Education times and uses.


The sports facility user groups include basketball, netball, futsal, volleyball, pickleball and badminton. The hall is compliant with International Basketball Federation (FIBA) requirements and the International Association Football Federation (FIFA), making it suitable for regional competitions, gala days and training camps.

Facility Features

  • 3 Timber sprung courts
  • 1 Meeting room (separate external entrance)
  • 1 Court design and sports equipment for basketball, netball, futsal, volleyball and badminton
  • Drop down electronic screen between each court
  • 2 x player change rooms
  • Separate referee change room
  • Public toilets
  • First aid room/office
  • Modern digital scoreboards and portable score benches
  • 5 x Tiered bench seating spectator bays (320 seats)
  • Kiosk with dry storeroom
  • 3 x Community storage rooms
  • 3 Outdoor courts (existing)


Fees and Charges

Commercial and Community Fees

Cooma Sports Hall

Commercial - Half Court, Per Hour

$115.00 PH

Community - Half Court, Per Hour

$57.50 PH

Commercial - Full Court

$230.00 PH

Community - Full Court

$55.00 PH

Commercial - Outdoor Court

$30.00 PH

Community - Outdoor Court

$20.00 PH


Indoor Fees

Cooma Sports Hall

Basketball/Netball/Volleyball/Futsal (non-FIFA) Competition - Per Court, Per Hour

$55.00 PC PH

Futsal – Main (FIFA) Futsal Court (Excluding Competition Days as POA) Per Court, Per Hour

$55.00 PC PH


Other Fees Applicable

Cooma Sports Hall

Sports Hall Fob

$55.00 PS

Meeting Room

$45.00 PH

Kiosk - Weekday Competition

$350.00 FR

Kiosk - Weekend Competition

$400.00 FR


$8.00 PH

Equipment Hire

$12.00 PI PH

Spectator Fee (Competition Days)

$6.00 PP


PC = Per Court

PH = Per Hour

PS = Per Season

FR = Flat Rate

PP = Per Player

PI = Per Item

PCD = Per Child

PA = Per Adult

POA = Price on Application

CD = Competition days i.e. Regional, State, Training Camps etc.

Fees-and-Charges-Cooma-Regional-Sports-Facility.pdf(PDF, 53KB)

Book Now

Before community members, groups or organisations can start scheduling their next booking, they will need to create an account for both themselves and their organisation. To assist we have created an easy to follow step by step guide:

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Online bookings: click here 

  • Netball: 5.30pm to 8.30pm Monday's
  • Basketball season to commence from 3 April 2024

*While we cannot facilitate one off casual bookings at this time for individuals (the facility needs to be staffed for this). We will however accept enquiries for groups or clubs for events.