1. Overview

All dogs in New South Wales must be on a lead when in a public place unless in a designated off-leash area.

A dog that is in a public place must be under the effective control of a competent person by means of an adequate chain, cord or leash that is attached to the dog and that is being held by (or secured to) a person.

Roaming dogs have the potential to cause community nuisance through a variety of unwanted activities including: 

  • Defecating on public or private properties
  • Destructive behaviour towards property
  • Potential for traffic accidents
  • Harassing / aggressive behaviour towards others dogs or animals
  • Worst of all, an attack on another animal or person


Many owners fail to realise their pet, which in many instances is an extension of their family, may be a nuisance to the rest of the neighbourhood. The best way to address these issues is to: 

  • Ensure that your dog is always walked on a lead enabling you to adequately control your dog at all times whilst in a public place
  • Adequately confine your dog to your property ensuring the dog does not escape and roam around
  • An infringement notice will be issued for non compliance


2. 10 Essential Tips for Dog Owners

•Do not allow your dog to roam at any time.

•Exercise your dog regularly in an off leash exercise area to avoid problems associated with boredom.

•Ensure your dog is registered and microchipped.

•Pick up your dog’s faeces from public places and put it in a bin.

•Train your dog not to bark (Council can help you with this).

•Ask your adjoining owner if your dog creates any nuisance problems, and correct them.

•Avoid dog attacks, ensure your dog is friendly and comfortable with people.

•Keep your dog under ‘effective control by means of an adequate chain, cord or leash (and secured to a person) when in a public place.

•Ensure you choose the correct dog for your circumstances.

•Have your dog desexed if you are not a registered breeder.


3. Dogs in Parks

Dogs are welcome in the parks; however, there are some rules you need to follow. Dogs are to be on a lead (and secured to a person) at all times and you need to clean up after them (on the spot penalty applies for non removal of faeces).