Snowy Monaro Regional Council holds one Ordinary Council Meeting each month. Meetings are held on the third Thursday of the month, commencing at 1pm. 
On 15 April 2021 Council adopted the “Procedures for attendance by Councillors at meetings by audiovisual link” included as an attachment to the Office of Local Government’s Circular after the original amendment to the relevant regulations that allowed Councillors to attend Council meetings via an audio-visual link ended on 25 March 2021.
A Council procedure based on the adopted OLG document may be found here(PDF, 432KB)
Please Note:The adopted procedures contain additional requirements for attendance at Council Meetings via audiovisual link. Councillors now need to advise their intention to do so ten business days prior to the Council Meeting, in writing (email). This request must provide information about the meeting/s the Councillor will be prevented from attending in person and the reason(s) why. The report on 15 April 2022 referred to long distances traveled at night on remote rural roads as being reasonable criteria for consideration. Council can only resolve to allow remote attendance in response to a written request.


Meeting schedule 2022

  •  Thursday 16 June 2022: 1.00pm Council Chambers, 81 Commissioner Street, Cooma

  • Thursday 23 June 2022 (Extraordinary): 1.00pm Council Chambers, 81 Commissioner Street, Cooma

  •  Thursday 21 July 2022: 1.00pm Jindabyne Memorial Hall, Thredbo Terrace, Jindabyne

  •  Thursday 18 August 2022: 1.00pm Council Chambers, 81 Commissioner Street, Cooma

  •  Thursday 15 September 2022: 1.00pm Bombala Community Centre, 163 Maybe Street, Bombala

  •  Thursday 20 October 2022: 1.00pm Council Chambers, 81 Commissioner Street, Cooma

  •  Thursday 17 November 2022: 1.00pm Jindabyne Memorial Hall, Thredbo Terrace, Jindabyne

  •  Thursday 15 December 2022: 1.00pm Council Chambers, 81 Commissioner Street, Cooma

Business papers for Council Meetings are published on the website 7 days prior to the scheduled meeting date. 


Public Forum

Members of the public wishing to address Council in Public Forum(PDF, 150KB) must submit a request no later than two (2) days before the date on which the Council meeting is to be held.

Please complete the application form(PDF, 220KB) and email to to be included on the agenda. 

Applications that are not submitted via the approved form will not be accepted.
The personal information requested on this form is being collected, and will only be used for identifying members of the public who address a Council Meeting and the acceptance of the conditions to address Council. If you do not disclose your name, contact details and topic, you will not be permitted to address Council. Access to the information will be restricted to Councillors and Council staff for the purposes of the information listed above and spoken to at Council.

Members of the public wishing to attend are reminded that:

  • QR code is mandatory upon entry
  • Masks must be worn at all times in indoor settings except when eating or drinking
The meeting schedule will rotate on the basis of even months in the Cooma office council chambers and odd months rotating between Jindabyne and the Bombala Community Centre. 


Public Forum Terms and Conditions

  • By attending a meeting, speakers and other persons consent to an audio visual recording of their address being included in the webcast of the meeting.
  • Speakers must ensure Public Forum is not used to misrepresent, ridicule or cause detriment to another person or for the purposes of satire or advertising.
  • Speakers should refrain from making any defamatory comments or releasing any personal information about another individual without their consent.
  • Council accepts no liability for any damage that may result from defamatory comments made by persons attending meetings – all liability will rest with the individual who made the comments.
  • The meeting must not be recorded by others without the prior written consent of the Council in accordance with the Council’s Code of Meeting Practice.
  • Speakers must ensure their address does not include any comments or information that may present a legal risk.

Council Meeting Locations

Council retains a copy of all the recordings of the Council meetings on the website for a minimum of 12 months. To view the recordings click here.

Cooma Council Chambers

81 Commissioner Street
Cooma, NSW 2630

Bombala Community Centre

163 Maybe Street
Bombala, NSW 2623


Jindabyne Memorial Hall

Thredbo Terrace
Jindabyne, NSW 2627