Boco Rock Community Enhancement Fund

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Applications for the Boco Rock Community Enhancement Fund are now closed. Applications submitted after Monday 10 July 2023 will not be accepted.  

The Boco Rock Community Enhancement Fund was created following State Government approval of the Boco Rock Wind Farm project undertaken by CWP Renewables Pty Ltd (CWP) to offset any potential residual amenity impacts associated with the project. CWP contributions constitute all of the funding, which is administered by Council. 

Individuals, not for profit organisations and businesses may apply for this fund. Funding is restricted to projects or events in the former Bombala and Cooma Monaro local government areas. 

How to apply

Eligible applicants must complete an application form, addressing all required information. Applicants may apply online or download a PDF form to fill out. 

Online Application Form

PDF Application Form(PDF, 522KB)

Downloaded forms may be returned via e-mail: or in person at the Cooma or Bombala council office. 

Impacts on council managed land (including crown land) 

Submissions that propose to add to or amend a structure or open space owned or managed by council are required to complete a Facilities Implications Form(PDF, 1MB) and submit with the application. This must also include any supporting information obtained through consultation with Council staff. 

For more information on how to apply or submission requirements, please refer to the Boco Rock Community Enhancement Fund Guidelines(PDF, 665KB)

Should you have any questions regarding the Boco Rock Community Enhancement Fund, please contact the Governance Team on 1300 345 345 or email

Applications submitted after the closing date, Monday 10 July 2023 will not be considered

Boco Rock Enhancement Fund Committee

The Enhancement Fund committee has been formed to inform the distribution of funds. The committee consists of 9 members; 2 community  representatives from the former Bombala LGA and 2 from the former Cooma Monaro LGA, 2 Councillors, the Mayor, CEO and a CWP representative. 

Mayor Hanna Chairperson
Councillor Hopkins SMRC Councillor Representative
Councillor Stewart SMRC Councillor Representative
David Hogan SMRC Chief Executive Officer
David Laing CWP Renewables Representative

(Boco Rock Wind Farm)

Frances Lomas


Community Representative

(former Bombala LGA)

Alicia Carraro Community Representative

(former Bombala LGA)

Lorayne Roberson


Community Representative

(former Cooma-Monaro LGA)

Chris Haylock Community Representative

(former Cooma-Monaro LGA)

Funding application forms

Boco Rock Community Enhancement Fund Charter

2022 Boco Rock Community Enhancement Fund Recipients

Former Bombala LGA



Amount Allocated

Mila Bush Fire Brigade

Upgrade of kitchen facilities.


Friends of Bombala Railway Inc.

Installation of solar lighting.


Bombala Event Committee Inc.

Sheep pavilion upgrade.


Bombala and District Sporting Club

Purchase of large heavy duty lawn mower.


Bombala District Cricket Association Inc.

Purchase of 2G flicx portable cricket pitch surface.


Delegate Country Club Ltd

Kitchen upgrade.


Australian Motorcyclist Association Bombala Branch

Facility info structure upgrades and add on.


Mila Country Club

Installation of Generator and upgrade to electrical switchboard.


Bombala Exhibition Society

To add further variety and improvements to exhibitions at community show day.


Former Cooma-Monaro



Amount Allocated

Cooma Athletics Club

Renew athletic equipment - purchase of adjustable hurdles and storage trolley.


Climate Action Monaro Incorporated

Electric vehicle exhibition at multi-function centre as part of 2022 motor fest.


Bredbo Mens Shed

Purchase of utility tractor (4 in 1 loader and mower) with implements (e.g. backhoe, auger, bucket).


Hydro 1 Heritage Centre Inc.

Hydro1 Heritage Centre Inc.


Nimmitabel Advancement Group Inc.

Improvement of security systems & purchase of historic information signs.


Snowy Mountains MTB Club

Purchase of shipping container - for storage of maintenance equipment.


Cooma Swimming Club

Cooma Swim day event with intent to provide opportunity for young people to develop their swimming skills with a coach.


Cooma Monaro Historical Society

Creation of digital media to provide a broader experience to the public.


Michelago Community Hall

Tennis clubhouse upgrade - new plasterboard ceiling & paint.


Bredbo Community Progress Association

Construction of footpath and plantation of trees to improve access to Bredbo Centennial park.


Nimmitabel Show Society Inc.

Completion of bar and barbecue upgrade.


Monaro Community Radio Inc.

Purchase of two new audio mixer consoles to improve sound quality - installation of a shed for storage.




2021 Boco Rock Community Enhancement Fund Recipients

Former Bombala LGA

Organisation Project Funding
Anglican parish of the Southern Monaro "Anglican Parish OP Shop Storage Shed". The shed (9m x 6m x 2.33m) is needed to provide overflow storage for donated products that cannot be accommodated pending sale or disposal. The objective is to maintain a clear shopping area for donors, staff and customers as the shop currently is cluttered with excess items that arrive daily and need to be sorted. $10,000.00

Delegate Early Settlers Hut Committee

Restoration of Bullock Dray. The objective of the project is to ensure that part of the district's heritage is retained and that the dray remains part of the display, ensuring that the Early Settlers Hut and surrounds remains one of the major tourist attractions of the area. $3,500.00
Bungarby Memorial Hall Preservation Committee (Storm Pipes) Installation of stormwater water pipes at Bungarby Memorial Hall to prevent stormwater from flowing beneath the building currently causing the deterioration of the bearers. Further damage could accelerate the deterioration and subsidence of the building. $4,286.00
Monaro Trail Inc (Bombala Precinct Trail) Stage 1 delivery of Bombala precinct recreational trails of 97km to the communities of south east NSW suited to cyclists, runners and walkers.

Part of a larger 5 stages plan to deliver 213km linking Canberra/Queanbeyan through Cooma to Bombala. Nearly 70,000 users, many from ACT will ride the full trail each year taking 4 or 5 days to do and they will be spending an estimated $25M annually in the communities along the route.

Bombala Motor Cross Club Inc Project is to support committee in getting the Marden Park facility to a safe standard that can be opened to the public with exceptional opportunities for young people, families and the general public. This will be achieved by investing in fire extinguishers and first aid supplies in the case of any emergencies as the park is situated 11km from Bombala on the Delegate Road. $5,213.00
Bombala & District Chamber of Commerce Annual Bombala Christmas Street Carnival to provide community with a positive event in light of all the adversities over the last couple of years while showcasing and supporting business houses. $5,000.00
Delegate Rodeo Campdraft Inc Replacement of an old and unsafe chip machine as well as the purchase of a large hot water urn and meat slicer that are currently being borrowed from volunteers. $1,871.35
Bombala Australia Day Celebrations Committee (Parts A and B) Improvements to the aging Show Sheep Pavilion at the Bombala Show Grounds in four (4) proposed projects. Projects A & B are to finish last two sections of the sheep pavilion (this will allow old wooden yards and support structures to be refurbished and replaced). $10,000.00


Former Cooma-Monaro

Organisation Project Funding
Country Women's Association of NSW Nimmitabel Front room extension to accommodate disability entrance in accordance with DA requirements and specifications for disability entrance. $17,295.00
Friends of Geldmacher Repairing and painting of weatherboards on Geldmacher Museum building to improve and protect weatherboard section of the heritage listed museum building. $3,600.00
Nimmitabel Country Club The refurbishment of Nimmitabel Bowling Club's interior and exterior, works to maintain grounds and update machinery and equipment over a planned 3 stage restoration build. Stage 1 Renew and update machinery and equipment used for the maintenance and upkeep of the surrounding grounds.

Stage 2 Refurbishment of the Country Club interior. Stage 3 Painting of the exterior of the County Club building.

Nimmitabel Advancement Group Inc (Refurbishment Project) Project to complete the preservation of the existing verandah. Steps and landing upgraded to provide safe access to sliding doorways and the painting of enclosed interior front verandah walls, windows and doors. Digital door locks (x2) to help protect property and assets from theft and vandalism. $15,311.70
Nimmitabel Show Society Inc (Sponsorship for Nimmitabel Show) Sponsorship of the Nimmitabel Agricultural Shows for 5/6 February 2022. $2,000.00
Michelago Hall 355 Committee Upgrades to hall audio visual equipment to make more user friendly replacing old unused equipment. Request for either funding part A or part B. Part A includes a full upgrade with new equipment and installation. Part B which will provide required functionality of audio visual usage for the hall. $8,710.00
Nimmitabel Advancement Group Inc (Operating Expenses) Funding to cover previous 15 months of operating expenses due to closure from COVID-19. Funding requested to assist continued management of the Community Centre for the Trustees and the community of Nimmitabel. $6,658.00

2020 Boco Rock Community Enhancement Fund Recipients

Former Bombala LGA

Organisation Project Funding
Monaro Farming Systems Science based evidence of the status of resistance in African Love Grass populations on the Monaro to chemical

(flupropanate) control methods.

Delegate Presbyterian Church Maintenance and painting of the interior of the Church; walls, ceiling, cupboard, windows, doors & trims. $11,000.00
The Bombala Street Surgery New information technology for the Bombala Medical Centre, in order to optimise the prospects for the longevity of the business. $4,965.90
St Joseph's Primary School Thermoplastic playground educational and play artwork. This would include the likes of a running track, activity track,

2 x 4 square handball courts, snakes and ladders, chess board and a map of Australia.

Delegate Country Club Purchase and installation of solar panels. $35,000.00
Bombala Platypus Men's Shed Inc. Purchase, delivery and placement of a 6 meter shipping container for storage. $4,100.00
Bombala Rugby League Football Club New equipment storage shed for safe & clean storage of sporting equipment for numerous sporting groups. $18,500.00
Delegate Progress Association Purchase and installation of solar panels for the Delegate RTC Building. $6,300.00
Delegate Team Penning & Sorting Purchasing cattle yard panels for annual competition. $14,000.00
Bombala District Cricket Association Mobile cricket pitch net to allow the pitch to be used as a training wicket. $3,500.00
Bombala Exhibition Society NSW Strong Wool Companionships and Australia Day Celebrations. $15,000.00
Monaro Country Lavendar Co-op Ltd. Revamping the landscaping on the Railway Park around both Lavender House and the Visitor Information Centre. $4,465.95
Bombala Preschool Create and maintain a community-based Urban & Indigenous Agriculture Project. $12,500.00


Former Cooma-Monaro

Organisation Project Funding
Monaro Community Radio Inc Replacement CD players for Cooma studio and replacement of 150 watt transmitter/receiver in the Nimmitabel Studio. $4,714.00
Nimmitabel Rural Fire Service Volunteer Brigade Safety container for fuel cell, solar pump and lighting providing 24hr usage away from main power. $14,161.50
Cooma Men's Shed Inc. Purchase and installation of 6.5kW solar system $6,600.00
Monaro Early Intervention Service Community Sensory Garden at the rear of MEIS premises $6,000.00
CWA Nimmitabel Branch Restructure roof to meet standards and to join up to the existing structure, bringing it back to the original façade. $13,800.00
Nimmitabel Advancement Group
  • Repairs to Nimmitabel Community Centre
  • Stage 2 - repair veranda interior and flooring
  • Stage 3 - disable entry doors to main entrance
  • Stage 4 - Disable footpath to main entry
  • Final stage - 2 x new set of steps and landings
Cooma Lions Club Maintenance of lawn/grass and trimming of hedges along the creek at the Southern Cloud Memorial Park. $2,951.80
Country Education Foundation Annual Education Support Grant $3,000.00
Lions Club of Nimmitabel Funds to establish concrete pathway around Lake Williams $59,500.00
Nimmitabel Public School Purchase of portable shelter structure; higher-quality, wind-tolerant $8,196.10
Cooma Chamber of Commerce Purchase of a Chamber specific laptop and the relevant software $2,744.00
Nimmitabel Show Society Purchase of a new computer and 20ft shipping container $5,843.00

2019 Boco Rock Community Enhancement Fund Recipients

Former Bombala LGA

Organisation Project Funding
Creewah Rural Fire Brigade 24 volt electric fire hose reel for fire truck $3,952.00
Management Committee Bombala
Exhibition Ground
New tables for hall and supper room $7,871.54
Delegate Pony Club Cross country course in Delegate $4,588.65
Delegate Presbyterian
Church Committee
Repairs and painting to exterior of the Church $22,000.00
Rotary Club of Bombala Portable and accessible sanitary facilities $38,984.00
St Joseph's School Community Council Re-fencing between school and deceased estate next door $14,000.00
Delegate Progress Association Celebrate our Heritage Festival $4,124.80


Former Cooma-Monaro LGA

Organisation Project Funding
The Community Chest Incorporated Funding for Education Foundation $4,000.00
Bredbo Cemetery Committee Toro timecutter lawnmower $4,000.00
CWA Nimmitabel Branch Phase 3 of upgrade to front room extension with disabled access $13,695.00
Cooma Country Club Limited Replace existing lighs with LED lights $6,465.00
Nimmitabel Advancement Group Nimmitabel Community Centre refurbishment $28,204.00
Monaro Air Rifle Club New air conditioning unit $3,300.00
Jerangle Peak View CWA New noticeboard sign $6,256.65
Nimmitabel Show Society New grandstands for the Nimmitabel Showground $14,178.00
Snowy Mountains MTB Club Upgrade to existing car park $17,648.00
Cooma Little Theatre Improve access to theatre, improve car park lighting and new fire doors $5,000.00
Nimmitabel Campdraft Association Build permanent laneway to establish cattleyards at the Nimmitable Showground $20,000.00
Michelago Region Community Association Painting and replacement of external woodwork at historic MichelagoRailway $23,603.00
Monaro District Cricket Association New cricket pitch roller $10,000.00
Lifegate Church Cooma Funding for Easter Egg Hunt April 2020 $1,000.00
Nimmitabel Team Sorting Annual Team Sorting Event $10,000.00