Berridale Village Master Plan

Project Type: Design and stage 1 construction

Project Location: Berridale

Funding: NSW Government Grant


What are we doing?

We want to contribute to creating a unified, accessible, sustainable, and coherent landscape in the Berridale village. We want to explore and deliver upgrades to traffic and drainage functions, landscape improvements, improved pedestrian access, formalisation of the creek and improvements and integration of open spaces.

The current scope of this project has two key phases outlined below.

Survey and Design

A site survey is to be undertaken by qualified contractors to support the development of a design for future works.

The design will include:

  • Upgraded culverts under Myack Street and elevated road as required
  • Upgraded culverts under Park Street and elevated road as required
  • Upgraded culverts at Oliver and Bolton Streets
  • A gathering area at the Memorial Park for ANZAC Day attendees
  • A formalised creek line from Robert Street to Park Street
  • A shared pathway from Robert Street to Bolton Street (Lions Park)
  • A learner bike track in Central Park or Lions Park
  • Upgraded signage
  • A new BBQ near the existing seating in Central Park
  • New parking at Central Park on Bolton Street
  • New parking at the stake park on Bolton Street
  • Formalised and sealed existing parking (dirt) in Bolton Street
  • Formalised  existing car-parking area and re-sealed service road in front of the Lions Park
  • Formalised long vehicle (caravan) parking in Park Street & associated signage
  • A pathway from Myack Street to the amenities
  • Low maintenance landscaping
  • Park lighting at levels required by the Australian Standards
  • A virtual tour access point at the Anzac Memorial
  • Integration of design with Snowy Monaro Regional Council hydrology report/s to achieve the best outcome
  • Consideration of increasing the design area up or down stream to better address floodwater mitigation 
  • NO REMOVAL of trees will be allowed without community consultation
Construction - Stage 1

Once the design works are complete, work will commence on delivering initial scope, in line with the design, based on budget availability.

We will keep this page updated as to what will be delivered in this phase through the course of the project, with the next anticipated update to be June 2024.

Latest Update

Tender for survey and design works has been awarded to Stantec. The project timeline has the design completed by June 2024.