Cemetery Memorials and Monuments


Monuments and Plaques

All burials within Snowy Monaro Regional Council Cemeteries are required to be marked within 12 months of the date of interment. It is the responsibility of the 'Order for Interment' Applicant and the next of kin of the deceased to organise the application and erection of a monument/plaque. The monumental sections of the cemeteries provide for a variety of denominations and monument types. Cooma and Bombala Lawn Cemeteries have specific requirements for the style, type, and size of headstone and plaques that are permitted. Plaques for the Niche Walls in the region also have specific requirements and sizing. Please contact Councils cemetery team for these specifications.

All monuments (including plaques) must be approved by Council prior to being erected by a monumental mason or other suitably qualified person. Approval will be issued following the submission and approval of a completed 'Application to Erect a Memorial' form.


It is the responsibility of the 'Order for Interment' applicant and the next of kin of the deceased to maintain monuments and occupied grave sites within Council's cemeteries. Snowy Monaro Regional Council is not responsible for the ongoing maintenance of monuments. Council will actively promote the repair of monuments by contacting families where possible and assisting local groups to facilitate the repair of historic features.

All maintenance in and around Council's cemeteries (excluding maintenance of graves and monuments) must only be undertaken by Council staff, registered Council volunteers, or authorised contractors.

Monumental Masons

The businesses below provide services within the Snowy Monaro Regional Council area. Council does not endorse or support the views, opinions, standards or information expressed by these service providers. They have been provided as information sources only:

  • Cooma Monumental Mason - 6452 3641 or 0429 010 553
  • Australian Cemetery Supplies - info@cemeterysupplies - 4472 3537, 0416 330 796
  • Pheoenix Foundry Pty Ltd - www.phoenixfoundry.com.au - 6738 2200
  • Arrow Bronze - 03 9555 2922
  • Rustik Rock - 0487 622 979
  • Snowy Stone - 0410 618 069
  • Ken Baxter - (02) 6456 3018
  • A & E Stone Masonry  - 0428 774 001

If you are a business who wishes to be included on this list, please contact Council on 1300 345 345 or email council@snowymonaro.nsw.gov.au.


Bronze Cemetery Plaques

All plaques in Council Cemeteries must comply with the policy, Plaques in Council Cemeteries,  Policy - Plaques in Council Cemeteries(PDF, 499KB)  all plaques must be made of bronze. The required sizes for Bronze plaques for niche walls and lawn beams are: 

  • Adaminaby Niche Plaque 240mm tall x 300mm wide, flat back
  • Bombala Niche Plaque 152mm tall x 203mm wide, 2 lugs
  • Bombala Headstone Plaque - : 305mm tall x 559mm wide, 4 lugs
  • Bredbo Niche Plaque : 240mm tall x 300mm wide, flat back
  • Cooma Niche Plaque: 220mm tall x 330mm wide, flat back
  • Delegate Niche Plaque: 152mm tall x 203mm wide, 2 lugs 
  • Delegate Headstone Plaque -  305mm tall x 559mm wide, 4 lugs
  • Gegedzerick Niche Plaque: 240mm tall x 320mm wide
  • Jindabyne Niche  Plaque: 
    • Small Niche 150mm tall x 205mm wide
    • Large Niche 150mm tall x 340mm wide
  • Moonbah Headstone Plaque -  215mm tall x 380mm wide
  • Nimmitabel Niche Plaque: 220mm tall x 330mm wide, flat back