Nimmitabel Pioneers Memorial Hall Upgrades

Project Type: Upgrade

Project Location: Nimmitabel

Funding: NSW Government

What are we doing?

The Nimmitabel Pioneers Memorial Hall, a cherished community landmark, is set to undergo exciting upgrades that promise to enhance its accessibility and functionality.

The project, starting in early June 2024, aims to breathe new life into the hall while preserving its historic charm.

Planned work includes:

Enhanced accessibility: Installing a compliant ramp to ensure everyone can enjoy the hall. This will be sensitive to the heritage status of the building and will be finished in such a way that is complements the building, replicating the look of the facade where possible. 

Drainage rectification: Works to rectify the draining issues at the rear of the hall and redirect the water away from the building to ensure there is no further water damaged to the building.

Possible tree removal: We will look at removing the gum tree from the front of the hall that has caused considerable damage to the hall in the past, which will also allow us to extend the foot path around the new ramp, maintaining the walkability of the village centre. Should this tree be removed, talks have already commenced with the Nimmitabel Lions Club to provide new trees to the club for planting around Lake Wallace. 

The renovation is expected to be completed by the end of July 2024. During the renovation period, the hall will be accessible from the front entrance, ensuring minimal disruption to its use.