Jindabyne Resource Recovery Centre (RRC)

Project Type: New build

Project Location: Adjacent Jindabyne Landfill

Funding: Council is actively seeking Grant funding to deliver the RRC



What are we doing?

This project has evolved from an original plan to expand Jindabyne Landfill, which would have given the landfill a longer lifespan and more airspace.

Throughout the investigations Council determined that the most environmentally conscious and financially efficient option was to close Jindabyne Landfill and build a dedicated RRC (also known as a transfer station).

Such a facility would be able to recover more recyclables and other resources from waste that would otherwise have gone into landfill. 

The location selected for the RRC is adjacent the existing landfill so that, when opened, residents will not have to change their routines when they visiting the RRC. The location also preserves the existing visual amenity of Lake Jindabyne when viewed from Jindabyne township.

Jindy RRC Map.png

Latest Update

The initial design prepared in 2023 by a specialist waste engineering design firm was assessed for construction cost and found above Council’s budget. The same firm will now de-scale the design to bring the construction costs down. Once this is done Council will finalise the Development Application (DA) package of documents for submission.

Jindy RRC Map 2.png