Jindabyne Shared Trail

Project Type: Trail refurbishment, repair, widening, and extension

Project Location: Lake Jindabyne

Funding: NSW Government Grant


What are we doing?

The Lake Jindabyne Shared Trail project aims to provide a 50km trail network around the southern half of the lake. The trail design will target mountain bike riders, walkers and trail runners. The project will complement existing trail experiences in our region which will encourage increased visitation and provide a valuable recreation asset for our community.

The ‘round the lake trail’ vision has been explored by Council over the last 10 years and this project is another step in achieving that vision. The southern route (this project) will provide a variety of trail experiences to a wider user group of riders and walkers. This includes a 50km circuit from the Jindabyne town centre with the options for a shorter journey from either East Jindabyne, Tyrolean or Hatchery Bay.

The Hatchery Bay trail section will link the Lake Jindabyne Shared Trails to the Thredbo Valley Track at the Gaden Trout Hatchery, while the Tyrolean to East Jindabyne section will expand the trails around the western side of the lake.


Latest Update

At the urging of some residents, Council conducted a more detailed series of ecology studies which took the majority of 2023 to complete.

With these studies and reports complete, Council was able to submit the Development Application (DA) for another trail section in December 2023.

In concert with this, Council has been working with local landowners to acquire easements for the trail. Once these easements are agreed with the residents the remainder of DAs will be submitted for approval.