Local Government Elections 2024

1. Overview

The Local Government Elections will be held on Saturday 14 September 2024. 

The 2024 Local Government Elections for the Snowy Monaro Regional Council are being coordinated by the NSW Electoral Commission (NSWEC).

The 2024 Local Government Elections will be held on Saturday 14 September 2024. You can find information about the elections on the NSWEC website – https://elections.nsw.gov.au

At this election voters will be asked to vote on:

  • Which candidates should become a Councillor for the next term of Council (2024–2028).

If you’re over 18, are an Australian citizen (or eligible British subject) and live in the Snowy Monaro Regional Council area, make sure you’re enrolled to vote. 

Information on how to enrol to vote or to check your enrolment details is provided here https://elections.nsw.gov.au/voters/enrolment


2. Candidate Webinars

The NSW Electoral Commission will be conducting a series of webinars for candidates in the lead up to the Local Government elections. People who are interested in attending the webinars can register via the NSWEC website https://elections.nsw.gov.au

Recordings of the webinars will be available on the website.

The following webinars will be held:

  • Election funding (political donations), disclosures and compliance
  • Candidate information
  • Nominations
  • Third-party campaigners
  • Electoral material (how-to-vote), compliance, early voting, and election day voting
  • Candidate workers, scrutineers, declared facilities
  • Counting and results
  • Post-election disclosure obligations and other rules.

3. Candidate Information Sessions Organised by Snowy Monaro Regional Council

Snowy Monaro Regional Council has organised LGNSW to provide two candidate information sessions for people who are contemplating standing for election to Council.

  • The first is a face to face session which will be held at Werri Nina Centre, 227 Sharp Street, Cooma on Wednesday, 3 July commencing at 5.30pm and finishing at 9pm.
  • The second is an on-line session on 10 July 2024, commencing at 5.30pm and finishing at 9pm.

Registrations for either of these sessions is advisable.  

Please email Robin.Guthrie@snowymonaro.nsw.gov.au to reserve your space.

4. Pre-Poll

Pre-polling for the 2024 Local Government Elections will commence on 7 September 2024 and close on 13 September 2024.

Further information about pre-polling venues and opening hours will be provided soon.

5. Polling Venues

Saturday 14 September 2024 is election day for the Local Government Elections. More information about polling venues across the Snowy Monaro Regional Council area will be made available soon.


6. Non-residential Roll (NRR)

The non-residential roll closes on 5 August 2024.

You are eligible to vote as a non-resident in a ward or council area if you are:

  • an owner of rateable land in the ward or council area 
  • an occupier or rate-paying lessee of rateable land in the ward or council area.

Further information concerning the non-residential roll can be found at: https://elections.nsw.gov.au/voters/enrolment/other-enrolment-categories/non-residential-enrolment

Application forms for the Non-Residential Roll for Snowy Monaro Regional Council can be found here: 

Submissions for the NRR will be received by Council up until 6pm on Monday 5 August and will be submitted to the Electoral Commission by 12 noon on 6 August 2024.


7. Key Election Dates

  • 5 August 2024

    Lodgement of nominations commence. This is also the start of regulated period for electoral material.

    6pm – Close of Non-Residential Roll applications

  • 6 August 2024

    Lodgement of postal vote applications open

  • 14 August 2024

    Nominations close at 12 noon

    Close of registration for candidates and groups

    Registration of electoral material commences

  • 15 August 2024

    2pm – Ballot paper draws commence

    Uncontested elections will be declared

  • 19 August 2024

    Postal pack distribution commences

  • 6 September 2024

    5pm – Registration of electoral material closes

  • 7 September 2024

    Pre-polling voting period commences

  • 9 September 2024

    Telephone voting registration and voting opens

    5pm – close of postal vote applications

    Close of registration for third party campaigners

  • 13 September 2024

    Pre-polling voting closes

    Telephone voting registration closes

  • 14 September 2024

    Election Day

  • 27 September 2024

    Postal pack return ends

  • 30 September 2024

    Progressive distribution of preferences completed

  • 1 to 3 October 2024

    Progressive declaration of results


8. Caretaker Period

Council will go into a caretaker role during the election period. This happens to make sure major decisions are not made which would limit or bind the actions of an incoming Council during the declared period. Caretaker mode begins four (4) weeks prior to 14 September 2024.

Although the official caretaker period ends at 6pm on the day of the Election, Council will not be responsible for making any decisions until at least its first official Ordinary Meeting; prior to which all newly or re-elected Councillors will commence a formal induction process.

The arrangements regarding caretaker periods are made through the Local Government (General) Regulations. Clause 393B of the Regulation requires the Council, the CEO, or any other delegate of the Council (other than a Joint Regional Planning Panel) to not exercise the following functions during the four weeks preceding an election:

  • Entering into any contract or undertaking involving an expenditure or receipt by the Council of an amount equal to or greater than $150,000 or 1% of the Council’s revenue from rates in the preceding financial year (whichever is the larger).
  • Determining a controversial Development Application, except where a failure to make such a determination would give rise to a deemed refusal, or such a deemed refusal arose before the commencement of the caretaker period. The term “controversial Development Application” is defined as one for which at least 25 persons have made submissions by way of objection.
  • Appointing or renewing the appointment of the CEO or terminating their employment. (This does not include the appointment of an acting or temporary CEO).