Food Safety

Council is responsible for the regulation of food businesses within the Snowy Monaro Regional Council local government area. Council’s food safety program aims to minimise the risks associated with the handling of food for sale throughout the region by ensuring compliance with all relevant food legislation.

Council’s role in upholding food safety is continually evolving to meet the expectations of the community and the growing culture of dining out as well as servicing a diverse range of food businesses. It is also designed to educate the food handler by encouraging good food safety practices which in turn minimises the risk associated with food poisoning, thereby promoting customer confidence and ultimately a potential increase in the food business trade.

Council’s Environmental Health Officers are available to offer professional advice and instruction on food safety matters to proprietors of food businesses, food handlers and the general public. They can be contacted on 1300 345 345.

For more information on food safety, the NSW Food Authority’s food handling fact sheets are available for download here

Business Registration

If you are considering opening a new food business, the Food Act requires that all permanent, mobile and temporary food businesses be registered  prior to commencing trade. All food businesses must also notify Council if any of the following details change; proprietor's name, business address, trading name of the food business, contact details or ABN details. To register your food business with Snowy Monaro Regional Council, please complete the Food Premises Notification and submit it to Council prior to commencing any food handling operations. You must also notify Council if you cease trading as a food business.