1. Overview

Snowy Monaro Regional Council encourages all owners to be responsible for their pets. As owners it is recommended that you provide adequate housing and food along with using responsible breeding practices.

For information and regulation in regards to Microchipping and Registration click here 


2. 10 Essential tips for cat owners

1. Do not allow your cat to roam.

2. Ensure your cat wears a collar and bell.

3. Avoid unwanted kittens, have your cat desexed.

4. Have your cat microchipped and registered (unless exempt).

5. Do not allow your cat out at night.

6. Ask your adjoining owners if your cat causes any problems, and correct them.

7. Do not allow your cat to enter local bushland or attack native wildlife.

8. Keep your cat healthy and happy.

9. Avoid nuisance problems caused by boredom.

10. Make sure you really want a cat and are prepared to care for it before acquiring one.


3. Should I desex my pet?

All owners are encouraged to desex their animals. The cost of registration can be less for a desexed animal, especially for pensioners.

• Early desexing eliminates the risk of serious diseases including reproductive cancers

• Desexed cats grow up cleaner, healthier, quieter and more home loving

• Desexing significantly reduces antisocial behaviour such as fighting and spraying

• Desexed cats can be less aggressive than entire cats.


4. What to do if you lose your cat 

Ring Council and advise them that your cat is missing.

• Check the Pound regularly 

• Door knock your local neighbourhood and/or speak with your neighbours.

• Contact the local Veterinary clinics for lost/ injured animals


5. What to do if you find a cat

• Check for an identification tag - if the cat is wearing one, phone the owner.

•Ask around the neighbourhood to see if anyone has lost a cat.

•Contact the local Veterinary clinics to see if anyone has reported the cat lost. 


If you can't find the owner within a reasonable amount of time you can contact Council . People who are missing a cat will check the Pound but they won't find it in your backyard.


6. Keeping cats indoors

There are very good reasons to keep your cat inside at night:

• All cats hunt, most at night, regardless of how well fed they are.

• Most cat fights occur at night.

• Most vehicle accidents involving cats occur at night.

• Cats can cause considerable damage to the environment if allowed to roam.