Waste Water Treatment PLant

Wastewater (sewage from individual houses, units and businesses) enters a network of wastewater pipes and gravity flows to pumping stations. 

The wastewater collection and transfer system is a network of underground pipes (sewers) manholes and pumping stations that transport the wastewater to Council’s wastewater treatment facilities. 

For after hours assistance, please call 1300 345 345.

Domestic wastewater is the used water from the toilet, drains, baths, showers sinks and washing machines from homes and industry. Domestic wastewater does not include the rain that falls on the roof of your house and travels down the downpipe, or the water that runs into the gutters at the front of your house.

This water enters the stormwater system and is discharged untreated into waterways or the sea. The stormwater system operates independently of Snowy Monaro Regional Council's wastewater system and is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that stormwater does not enter the sewer system.   

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