Legacy landfill site rehabilitation

Project Type: Remediation

Project Location: Old Dry Plains Road and Maffra Road legacy landfill sites

Funding: Council Funded


What are we doing?

In line with our organisational obligations, we are responsible for the remediation of legacy landfill sites within the region.

We have completed these activities at eight other sites across the region and these are the final two to be completed.

With guidance from the EPA, we will develop a plan to remediate these sites to complete the 10-legacy landfill site remediations required across our region.

Maffra Road legacy landfill site 

Old Cooma Landfill, formerly Bobundara Tip, is located off Maffra Road (formerly known as Bobundara Road) approximately 3.5 km south of Cooma.

The site was the landfill for Cooma prior to the current landfill. The landfill was closed to most waste disposal in 1976 when the current landfill was opened. The site was continued to be used for the disposal of green waste and motor vehicles till around 1986.

Maffra Landfill Site.png

Old Dry Plains Road legacy landfill site 

There is very little documented information available for this site. No record of when the landfill was opened or closed has currently been found.

Old Dry Plains Road Landfill Site.png

Latest update

Based on initial assessments that have been completed, both sites have similar issues. The major difficulty both sites face is unknown nature of the discarded material. It is possible that both sites contain residue of farm chemicals such as organo-chlorides.

The EPA have been onsite at both sites and testing has been undertaken to assess what is needed for remediation. Council has received results from testing conducted at both sites and is actively working with the EPA to develop a plan to finalise the remediation of these facilities.