Bridge Renewal Program

Project Type: Upgrade

Project Location: Various

Funding: Various

What are we doing?

Thanks to generous support from the NSW Government, Council can undertake a bridge renewal program to upgrade some of our aging infrastructure and provide secure transport networks for years to come.

The current bridges planned for upgrade are:

  • Matong Bypass (Kelly’s) Bridge
  • Cambalong 1 Bridge – Cambalong Road (over Bombala River)
  • Ryrie Street Bridge - Michelago
  • Rossys Creek Bridge - Corrowong Road, Corrowong
  • Kellys Bridge - Matong Road, Jimenbuen
  • Cowbed Bridge - Rocky Plain Road, Berridale
  • Boolboolma Crossing – Tinderry Road, Anembo

Bridge Pic - Blue - April 24.PNG

Latest Update

Matong Bypass (Kelly’s) Bridge

Work on Kelly’s Bridge is underway and is due for completion by the end of May 2024.

Bridge will be closed to traffic for periods when required by construction, however wherever possible, the bridge will be open overnight and on weekends.


Ryrie Street Bridge

Work to install the new Ryrie Street Bridge is underway, as of 10 April 2024.

There will be no need for a bypass whilst this work is undertaken.


Rossy’s Creek Bridge

Work to replace Rossy’s Creek Bridge is set underway, as of 22 April 2024.

  • Corrowong Road will be closed in both directions at Rossy Creek Bridge between 22 April 2024 and 21 July 2024 (weather permitting)
  • A detour along Browns Camp Road will be in effect during this time.
    • As the result of resident's reports, and condition inspections of Browns Camp Road, Council will be re-sheeting several loose areas of this road during the week of 20 May 2024.
  • Heavy vehicles (unloaded log trucks, gravel trucks) will be restricted from using the detour route between 7am – 8.30am and 4pm – 5.30pm daily. Residents wishing to avoid heavy vehicles are advised to plan their travel within these times.
    • National Parks and Wildlife have advised they are undertaking Fire Trail Upgrades on Merambego Fire Trail in the Byadbo Wilderness Area, but they will also be abiding by the heavy vehicle restrictions on Browns Camp Road and will only deliver materials needed between the times of 8.30am – 4pm.


Cambalong 1

Work to replace Cambalong 1 Bridge is now underway, as of 12 May 2024.

The existing timber bridge is to be retained as the bypass, until new bridge open to traffic.


Cowbed Bridge

  • Site Geotech assessments/reports RFQ to be advertised shortly
  • RFT for Design/Construct (D&C) contract, based on site specific data to be advertised
  • Scheduling for the upgrade works will follow awarding of D&C contract


Boolboolma Crossing

  • Site Geotech and Survey assessments/reports commenced
  • Hydrology/Hydraulic Study RFQ to follow acceptance of the site Survey report
  • RFT for Design/Construct (D&C) contract to be advertised
  • Scheduling for the upgrade works will follow awarding of D&C contract


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