Delegate School of Art Upgrades

Project Type: Refurbishment

Project Location: Delegate

Funding: NSW Government

Delegate SoA v2.png

What are we doing?

The purpose of the project is to refurbish and upgrade the facility to better support the ongoing operations at the Delegate School of Arts.

This project has several scoped phases:

Stage 1A
  • Demolition of existing outhouse toilet and construction new disabled access amenities including slab and footings toilet
  • Installation of required plumbing and sewer works to new amenities
  • Construct new disable access path/ramp in front of new toilet
Stage 1B 
  • Demolition and remove storeroom extension from hall and install external wall/cladding with three new windows same dimensions and type as existing type C window
  • Demolish and remove stairs, landing and rails at preschool
Stage 2   
  • Demolition of path on the eastern side of hall buildings
  • New downpipes and storm water plumbing including subsurface drainage
  • Construct new concrete path to ensure compliant and safe access to hall buildings and connect amenities link slab
Stage 3  
  • Removal of wood fired heating throughout hall and men’s shed and installation of electric heating alternative
  • Subfloor works includes ventilation and drainage control on the Eastern Side of hall
  • Access works including tactile and handrail requirement, removal of existing internal stairs and replacement with a compliant staircase and handrail
  • External cladding repairs and replacement as necessary
  • Electrical works to include new smoke detectors emergency lighting and exit signs
  • Fire safety upgrades


Latest Update

Stage 1A – New Toilet Amenities - Complete

DSoA Toilets.jpg

Stage 1B, 2 & 3Council is in the process of engaging a principal contractor to undertake construction of Stage 1B, 2 & 3.