Information for landholders

Weed Disposal at Council Waste Facilities

Snowy Monaro Regional Council now provides a dedicated weed disposal facility at each of its three landfill sites to facilitate the safe and effective disposal of weed material. In discharging its General Biosecurity Duty, Council has a responsibility to ensure that it takes appropriate measures to minimise the risk of weed spread from these facilities.

Weeds accepted at Council’s Waste and Recycling facilities are those identified as Biosecurity Matter in accordance with the Biosecurity Act 2015, the South East Regional Strategic Weed Management Plan 2023-2027 and the Snowy Monaro Region Local Weed Management Plan 2023-2027. Weed disposal facilities are not to be used for the disposal of household green waste. 

Purchasing a New Property

The purchase of rural land is a major decision and the presence of weeds and their ongoing management costs is often overlooked, especially by people with little or no experience in rural land management.

Before signing a contract, prospective purchasers should carefully consider the following:

  • Are there significant weed infestations on the land and are these being managed?
  • What are the costs of the continual weed control?
  • If the land is to be used for farming, will weed infestations lead to production losses?

Privacy laws prevent Council from disclosing weed infestation information to prospective buyers without the owner's consent, however it may be helpful to arrange for someone who knows about weeds to inspect the property with you. If weeds are found, a weed spraying contractor(PDF, 493KB) can provide an estimate of how much control work will cost.