Customer Service Charter


The Snowy Monaro Regional Council Customer Service Charter(PDF, 536KB) sets out Council's service standards.

Our Customer Service Charter is designed to strengthen relationship with our customers and our community. It also allows us to enable a system for continued improvement to our levels of customer service. 

We will:

  • Accurately record and monitor your enquiry
  • Do what we say we will do
  • Be courteous and positive
  • Be punctual
  • Be personally accountable for answering your concern
  • Treat you with the respect and honesty that you deserve
  • Respond to all written correspondence within 10 business days
  • Return phone calls within two business days
  • Maintain our website with current and accurate information
  • Provide information in plain English


We ask you to:
  • Treat our staff with respect
  • Respect other customers
  • Providing accurate and detailed information
  • Respecting the community in which we live
  • Working with us to solve problems
  • Providing us with your feedback